Write an incredible narrative Animated video script!

Write an incredible narrative Animated video script!

Write an incredible narrative Animated video script! social media advertising video services

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You want your dynamic marketing Animated video to be very engaging, engaging, and ultimately effective, right? Then focus on creating a descriptive Animated video script that is very compelling, straightforward, and compelling. How do you get to this point In today’s blog post, we’re going to share all of your secrets that you need to create a great explanatory video script. Come with us!

5 Killer Tips for Creating Great Dynamic Marketing Animated Video Scripts

And now the juicy part. Let’s dive into some helpful tips for making an amazing dynamic marketing Animated video script! You can find them in our free How to Write Descriptive Animated Video Script e-book with some compiled and other important information. Here we go!

1 Get to know your target audience and pay attention to it

Before creating your marketing Animated video script, make sure you have a thorough understanding of your target audience. You just have to be more discriminatory in helping other people. Therefore, before writing your script, try to answer the following questions:

how do you look?

How old are they

Where do you live

Where do they work?

With this information, you can adapt the script to its functions and expectations. Follow the time it takes to define your buyer’s personal profile: this is an important first step to take and it will walk you through the whole video prep process. Why is that important? First of all, because it helps you create the characters in the next step (storyboard). Also because it shows them a certain personality and temperament. More importantly, having the audience feel like you are representing these characters, you will build trust and empathy for your brand. Results? More conversions and sales.

Follow classic script structure # 2

When writing your dynamic marketing Animated video script, try not to understand. It is important that you follow the structure of the classic narrative, this is the logic from the middle to the end of the beginning. And it’s not just compelling – doing this will make your Animated video much more engaging, coherent, and memorable. Following this framework will make your writing easier for you.

In descriptive Animated video production, these three steps stay exactly the same, but we’ll call it something else:

Act 1. What.

First, explain to your audience what problem your company solves. This will immediately pique interest and encourage them to watch the video in its entirety. Make sure to display your brand name or not yet. At this point, you need to address the concerns of your target group.

Act 2. How.

At this point, you need to communicate to your audience how your product can solve the specific problem. This section usually starts when the brand logo is displayed or when the brand is mentioned.

Act 3. Why?

It’s time to drop them and move on. In this step, explain the features and main benefits of your product. This is definitely the most “selling” part of the video. You have a great opportunity to understand why your product is the best alternative on the market.

3. Keep it short

There is a strong correlation between video length and engagement. Your biggest challenge is getting the most out of your important messages while motivating your audience. In 2 minutes you will be on the right track. Based on our experience, we recommend that the maximum length of an animated marketing video is 90 seconds.

4. Get to the point

Our attention span has dropped to 8 seconds. So you have to be very straightforward and persuasive when delivering your message. Keep your script straight again! Don’t try to explain everything in a 90-second video. You then have the option to supplement this initial information with other information (cell phone calls, blog articles, etc.). Just try to figure out what to include in your video and what to leave out.

5. Add a clear call to action

Finally, after watching the Animated video, it is important that you are leading your audience in the right direction. So add a clear, simple, and unexpected call to action so that they understand what you want them to do. Important: Practically add a single call to avoid confusion. If your marketing strategy requires different calls to be implemented, you can create different versions of the same video and add a different CTA to each.

Bonus song

There are a few additional things to keep in mind when scripting me.

Find the right tone: choose the tone of your Animated video so that it speaks to your target audience. A custom driver, cast, pace, and dialogue type are all important to make your Animated video more compelling and memorable.

Add a helping of humor: Adding some humor to your Animated video will make watching and growing shares more fun. But remember, you shouldn’t force it: if the humor doesn’t fit your story, say no to it.

Talk about the benefits, not the features: remember, this is all about the concerns of your target audience. Talking about benefits rather than features will avoid over-selling (we talked about that before). Try to turn each function into a clear and “tangible” benefit for the users themselves.

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