Why you need more than one Explainer video for your marketing strategy

Why you need more than one Explainer video for your marketing strategy

Why you need more than one Explainer video for your marketing strategy

When planning your brand’s online marketing strategy, you know that video content is one of the best marketing tools you choose.


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But there is still a small trap. While using Whiteboard Animation video content is a really smart choice, it is not a good idea for your brand to just make a great Whiteboard Animation video and then take a break. You should include more and more video content in your marketing strategy.

Video content promotes your brand, but you can return with just one Explainer video.

The content you create plays a critical role in your buyer’s journey (we’ll talk more about it in a moment!): And you need great Explainer video content at every step. ! It consists of three steps and you cannot use the same video in all of them.

This is because the needs of your audience are different at every stage. For example, you may have an amazing commentary Explainer video that works well for the second leg of the trip, but isn’t as effective as the first because your audience isn’t needed at this point.

You want your Whiteboard Animation video content to steer your potential customers in the right direction: connect with your brand and buy your product.

And how can you do that? Let’s talk about inbound marketing!

Why video is good for inbound marketing

A great way to use Explainer videos now is to make them the center of your inbound marketing strategy.

But do you first know what inbound marketing is?

Inbound marketing is about bringing your customers to you.

Using Animation videos to promote your brand means that you are attracting the right consumers organically. This in turn would mean that you have to spend money on these processes.

Now you know your business definitely needs Animation video if you want to use inbound marketing properly, not just one!

However, if you want your Explainer videos to be bright and really an effective part of your internal strategy, you need to think about using the right video at the right time.

You will see it is all time. Some types of Whiteboard Animation videos work best in a few moments, and it’s important to decide which one works best for each of them.

How can you do that It is easy:

1 You need to know your audience.

That means to really know it: from head to toe. You need to fully understand the audience, their needs, and their characteristics.

2 Analyze your client’s pain points.

If you want to know what type of Animation video you want to use to attract more users using inbound marketing, you need to know your client’s vulnerabilities.

If you know this, you know how to solve the problems with your product and how to use Explainer videos effectively to show them.

3. Learn every step of your customer journey and which Whiteboard Animation videos are best for each step.

Take a moment to think about your buyer’s journey.

Your buyer’s journey is an active process that turns the visitor into a customer. And a loyalist when you play your cards! The three phases of your buyer’s journey are awareness, consideration, and decision. And there are some Animation videos that work better for each phase.

Know your stage, know your Explainer video

As I told you before, there are three stages to a buyer’s trip. For each of these phases, there are certain types of Explainer videos that work better than others.

Awareness phase

This is the beginning of the journey, and here are some first impressions: Your prospects have come to you – perhaps via a search engine, but also via social media, advertising, or a friend’s recommendation, and you are looking here. reply

You only have to be more discriminatory when you help other people.

Commercial advertising

Commercial ads and branded Animation videos are the ones that share your brand passion and beliefs with your potential customers.

At the beginning of the buyer’s journey, you want to get your prospect’s attention: use an interesting story and show your values as a brand. This will help you make a first impression and they will be happy to learn more about you!

Instructional Whiteboard Animation videos

Fun, helpful, and easy to share. It’s basically an instructional Whiteboard Animation video: content that gives your leads real value and information that can improve your daily life a little!

When they are at the beginning of the buyer’s journey, they look for new information and answer their questions here.

Here’s another example from our “What is the best descriptive Explainer video style for your business?”

The video has over 150,000 views on YouTube and represents free organic advertising worth thousands of dollars.

In this phase of the buyer’s journey, you explain to your potential customers how they can integrate your product into their lives and how it will improve their lives.

Whiteboard Animated Videos.

A dynamic explainer video introduces your potential customers to your company, explains what your brand is, and shows them why they need you. A great explainer video does everything in just a few seconds and is interesting, appealing, and powerful.

They are well suited for the viewing phase. Your potential customers know they have a problem to solve and show them how to help them with an explainer video.

Product Explainer Videos.

There is nothing better than a product Explainer video that shows your potential customers how good your products are. Show them your product in action: an Explainer video of your product is used by a real person (like them) and encourages your leads to convert.

Videos like

How great videos are to answer your leads’ questions in a fun way. Present them to your audience, e.g. B. Product Video Education. Use it as an opportunity: talk about your product and how it can solve its problems and be present for your options.

Why you need more than one Explainer video for your marketing strategy
Article Name
Why you need more than one Explainer video for your marketing strategy
When planning your brand's online marketing strategy, you know that video content is one of the best marketing tools you choose.
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