Why is using Whiteboard animated videos so important for your business?

Why is using Whiteboard animated videos so important for your business?

Why is using Whiteboard animated videos so important for your business?

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Animated videos have become one of the most powerful tools for your marketing efforts. Their strength lies in the fact that they can hear the story of your product in just a few seconds and in a fun and charming way!

Unfortunately, their benefits are either misunderstood, overlooked, or underestimated. Being aware of what you can put on the table is the first step in getting the most out of your strength. Let yourself be introduced to many of these amazing marketing resources that you can get to know. Will not know

Many people will see it and it is worth sharing

When it comes to consuming online content, people will definitely choose to watch the Animated video after reading part of the text. This is evidenced by the number of people (80%) who watch a video in full compared to the number of people who read an entire blog post.

You will definitely share something you have seen and liked. According to recent reports, Animation videos 200 can share 1,200 more than shared text and images. A strong Animated video provides fertile ground for instant word of mouth marketing. Around 76% of users are encouraged to pass the word on to their friends and family.

By creating an amazing marketing Animation video, potential customers can see it and share it on their social networks. In other words, it is your own audience that serves as an interesting marketer for your company!

Animated videos are also cheaper than other types of videos. Live-action videos require a whole range of logistics functions that require the maximum amount of money: you have to cast actors, you have to find locations, you have to set a shooting schedule, you have to contract with the staff, rent or buy equipment who prepare post-production and in some cases even need animation and graphic designers – and that costs a lot of money!

Animated videos stay in your mind to make an impact.

Descriptive Animated videos tend to last long just because you’ve watched a video and your chances of remembering it are high enough to read through the text. The basic principle here is not that complicated: the purpose of our mind is to process an image 50,000 times faster than a group of written words. Our brain can also store this information more efficiently than on a piece of paper: the information that is saved within a minute of a video corresponds to about 1.8 million words.

Descriptive Animated videos can also enforce something created for advertising purposes. Ultimately, being “engaged” means that forcing someone to watch you do something will benefit your brand. Your audience may not exactly follow your call to action, but they will learn more about your product and feel closer to your brand. This means that they may not be buying your product at the moment, but they are more likely to do so in the near future.

Remember that you need to design characters that are interesting to look at, use your brand colors wisely, and bring your story straight to the hearts of your audience. You can do all of this by creating custom animated videos that are of great benefit to both your audience and your business. In this way, your visitors can identify with your brand, get closer to your offer and be about to decide to buy your product.

We can watch this illustrative video to illustrate how we can use your brand colors to create brand awareness:

Google and YouTube only like animated videos

You can turn marketing Animated videos into Google’s bait. And you do better, because Google is the most important search engine of all! Just be sure to include syncing your video, creating catchy titles, and simple tags.

Please note the following: A website with videos can attract a maximum of two or three times more visitors per month and double the time spent on this website. Motor traffic will increase by 157%. In addition, a website with a video that contains more text than any other increases the average number of linked domains by three.

Descriptive Animated videos can be very attractive to Google. The added benefit of these Animated videos is that because they are tailored to the audience’s needs and tell a story with characters that are relevant to your audience, they have the opportunity to engage with potential customers.

YouTube is another search engine to consider, so you should also try to make your descriptive Animated video attractive: According to current statistics, 25 Conf users have admitted that they are on YouTube. Research the products they are considering. To buy. For this reason, around 75% of marketers on YouTube offer keyword tagging strategies that generate certain entries when searching for content.

Videos are already popular with viewers. The thing is, if there are marketing Animation videos on your website, it becomes even more remarkable! Viewers can go to your video and even search for it! One of the amazing benefits of your animated video on YouTube is that it can act as an independent marketing unit. After watching your video without first visiting your website, your audience can get a better picture of your business.

Familiarize yourself with the power of YouTube (win, receive) and download and read the e-book we have developed on this topic to get better rankings there!

There is nothing wrong with animated videos if you want more conversions and sales.

It’s no secret that marketers view video content more as a conversation generator than any other type of content. Companies that work on video for their marketing campaigns get 40% more traffic from search engines than other companies that don’t. Another amazing fact: a video website on your landing page can generate up to 80 conversions!

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