If you’re involved and 55% of people watch videos online every day, you’ve probably noticed that more and more companies are creating Whiteboard Animation videos. Even if you’re not that much of a video fan, you definitely are. Got to a point. They are everywhere! but why?

You could argue that they are normal because they look nice. Or because they can be really funny. Or you could say that brands rely on animated videos because, according to the story, the possibilities are endless. These 3 points are true, that’s for sure. However, there are special reasons why cartoon animations Video are more popular than ever today. Here are some of the most important ones.

1 You can show how unique your company is

You know what distinguishes your brand from your competitors. You know that your service or product is unique and different. How can you make it clear to your audience? With a custom animated video, of course!

By choosing Whiteboard Animated videos, you can convey your point of view in a way that suits you best. The limit of the sky! The same goes for cartoon animations Video – you can do whatever you want because you are not tied to real actors and settings. You can take your characters out into space or let them live underwater if this helps you understand who you are.

To achieve this, you need the other components for the perfect video. In other words, you need to create all elements of the video that were created specifically for your brand. The tailor-made characters and situations are closer to your reality and can prove your point of view more effectively.

Can you imagine something that best shows how unique your company is for unique characters? Absolutely not! Think about how easy it is to put videos together when you’re tempted to record them. Or just watch the video below to see how cool you can search for an app called “I Am”!

2 Dynamic marketing Explainer videos are great for getting in touch with your audience

A brand working on an explainer video should try to get in touch with their audience as much as possible. At least companies want to achieve this with their Whiteboard Animated videos. Look, a dedicated audience is more open to listening to what brings them closer to your brand.

How do you get your audience to this level of engagement? There are many ways to do this, but the first step is to create these imaginary videos with characters that match your options. If the audience sees that the main characters in the story are similar to them, they will immediately be interested in where the story is going. Empathy does its job.

Now when you explain this when explaining videos (about how your brand can solve a particular problem), you have to create characters that just don’t look like them. You should be of an age, background, and similar age, and you won’t forget it, which indicates the relative pain for your target audience. This way, you maximize your audience’s chances of being relevant.

Again, the full customization comes to play an important role. Template videos cannot guarantee characters like your audience – they can only offer you the “closest option” type. On the other hand, custom animated videos are created from scratch. If you know who your audience is, you can create characters for an additional form of your goals.

How can we know this work? Because these videos have done a lot in our Amazing Video Adz videos! Below you can read what we did for Gigtown, which Hubspot chose as one of the best explanatory videos on the Internet. See how the characters really appeal to the audience you want for Gagetown.

The cartoon part allowed us to create the characters because we needed them for the story (and at the same time added an interesting twist to them). The customization has put all the worries aside – we can do anything to represent the brand! You need these two things for your corporate video.

3. Animated videos offer you the best branding opportunities

So far I’ve talked about how these videos show your uniqueness and how you can connect with your audience. Do you know what would be good They can also contribute very well to strengthening your brand in the minds of your target group? So thank god they’re the best for it.

With branding, you can work on how people see your company. And although there are many ways to do this, videos are the best. They are short, straightforward and people really love them (some say they are better than text at delivering your message!). You can also work on many aspects and embed your brand in them.

You can insert your colors, your logo, your communication tone, and the spirit of your brand. What you are looking for are people who first understand your message and remember your brand as a bonus second and want to recognize it. As you can imagine, you can brand any video you’re working on. But as with everything in this article, it works best with custom Whiteboard Animated videos.

Because? It’s easier to change colors, backgrounds, music, and everything else than a real live video. Working with a dynamic Animation video company that can provide you with fully custom content is all the easier for you to get. Doing things from scratch and specifically for your brand will guarantee your soul.

We made this video for example WSP. The color, the processing, the entire tone are brand-friendly and have a lasting impact on the viewer. I bet you will remember the videos as soon as they arrive.