Have you ever seen a whiteboard video? If you have, you may have felt the magic through it. They are one of the most popular descriptive Explainer video styles on the market and have become an extremely useful tool to get in touch with your target audience from an emotional perspective. In addition, this type of Explainer video gives you the ability to get your business ideas in just a few seconds, in an attractive, engaging, and educational way. But the question might be: when should you choose this style? And more importantly, how can you achieve the most efficient video? Read this article and get some additional information alongside these answers so the video that explains them can rock the web.

What is a whiteboard video?

Let’s start with the basics. If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine it could have a great power Animation video! Check yourself:

This is a great example of what a whiteboard video should look like. As you can see, it has a special touch that makes it unique and very attractive. But what’s so special about it?

In fact, this type of Animated video was “handmade”. And we are not exaggerating! We mean! In the past, whiteboard animation was exhibited by an artist who was shot with a camera and dragged onto the whiteboard. Over the years, however, the technique has been enhanced and enhanced through 2D character animations and some special effects to achieve higher results.

As you may know, Whiteboard Animated video content has an enormous gravitational force per SE, but whiteboard animations, in particular, have this special ability to create an emotional bond with your audience. By using the effects of dynamic characters, you can enlighten your audience with cool and engaging shapes. But there’s more: you also have the option to share your business ideas (ie, what about your product, how it can help your customers, and how you can market yourself). Why are the best decisions). Why is this style so charming? Well, the story in the whiteboard videos is made in front of the audience and is very charming!

In summary, the popularity of descriptive whiteboard videos is based on some of the following factors:

Great power and amazing ability to share any kind of idea.

Behind it are amazing visual and narrative techniques that help to create different emotions in the viewer.

Beautiful characters that give the video a special human touch and make it even more fascinating to watch.

When should you offer whiteboard animation?

Now that you know the basics of this style, let’s figure out how to choose it to complement your video marketing strategy.

Ask yourself these questions and you will know whether the whiteboard animation is suitable for your particular case.

Is my product complex enough?

As you can imagine, the White Board has great educational potential. Remember when we came across something in front of a board at school to learn something. The same applies to e-zines and marketing.

Although there should generally be a certain length of descriptive Explainer video, you may need a little more time to explain your business idea. And guess what? Whiteboard videos are perfect for raising that threshold! There is a reason: when people see the whiteboard in front of their eyes, they know that the lessons need to be explained and it can take a while. This means that they see the whiteboard and are only in “mode” to listen and pay attention. The story is also created before your eyes and helps a lot to stimulate curiosity and expectation.

Animated characters can add your video to that extra personal touch. So it’s great if you think about adding them. When you customize the characters, you create a strong connection between your target audience and the characters on the screen (they look the same in shape, style, behavior, and needs). This helps you to have more confidence in your brand and product.

Do I own a B2B or B2C company?

Regardless of how you answer this question, whiteboard animation videos are a good choice and are great for both types of businesses. Let me explain: First, there are very versatile styles that combine different “spices” (appealing graphics, charming characters, a dose of humor, narrative techniques, and much more). In this sense, they are ideal for B2B companies that have to present a complex or abstract concept in a convincing way, but also for B2C companies that have their own goal. Would you like to strengthen this emotional bond with the audience?

Now you have a clear idea of whether these videos can work in your case, right? So it’s time to take a quick look at some of the best whiteboard animation methods.

Note: PS! Before proceeding, keep in mind that the script not only puts these points into practice, but also plays a key role in preparing a video. So take a few minutes to read these tips in our free eBook “How To Write A Explainer Video Script”. Script is a key factor in making your video highly efficient!

Stick to the traditional model: keep in mind that whiteboard videos are traditionally black and white. So don’t try to think in that sense! Stick to the classic base. Of course, you can add some color tips or make minor changes, but don’t overdo it.

Add animated characters: Character animations can make your video even more exciting and fascinating. Remember that they have to be tailor-made: this way your viewers will recognize that the video was made especially for them. Watch this video to see how we did it.