Whiteboard Animation video content to improve your sales cycle

Whiteboard Animation video content to improve your sales cycle

Professional Online Digital Marketing Uses Explainer Videos To Improve Sales Circle

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The sales cycle is an important part of any Whiteboard Animation video marketing strategy. Although this is not enough to do the job “quite well”; It has to be the best! As a marketer, we are always looking for new ways to improve the process, and the most effective way to do that is to use video content.

Why? Because one of the most effective types of Animation videos is video content. This shapes the present and future of online marketing!

So if you want to increase your sales, you have to use the best content. Otherwise, you need to know your sales process from A to Z.

Let’s talk about the sales cycle

Your sales cycle is the backbone of your marketing strategy.

This means you know exactly how your audience wants to interact with your brand and how you can hit it with the right content.

But how? Basically, because it’s a repetitive list of conversations that your sales team should have with your lead so that the sale can be completed successfully.

It is a strategy, a blueprint, an action plan that needs to be implemented. It is explained by three main phases – awareness, consideration, and decision.

Awareness phase

In the awareness phase, the first connection is established between your potential customers and your brand. At this point, they are only aware of one specific problem. You research it, look for information, and that’s exactly what you need to provide.

Animation Video content that teaches, delivers relevant information, and is useful for your potential customers.

The stage to consider

The viewing phase is the middle of the process. Now that you have qualified marketers, these leads are ready to consider various options to solve your problems.

These leads are made more aware of the challenges they face, your brand and your product.

This is great because you want them to choose your brand! However, you want the decision to be informed.

Decision phase

This is the phase in which your prospect decides for an outstanding purchase!

This is the perfect time to use Animation videos that answer your last questions and build brand confidence.

It is very important to be aware of these steps! Because if you know the needs of your potential customer, you can provide video content that is tailored to their needs, thus improving your inbound marketing strategy.

To improve your inbound marketing strategy and sales process, you need to learn how to use video content! And more importantly – how to use it properly.

Use Whiteboard Animation video intelligently

Let’s talk a little bit about why you should use video. And how to use it effectively!

Whiteboard Animation Video content is more engaging and interesting than normal content. You see, YouTube claims that video consumption grows 100% every year, and that’s not surprising. But that’s not all. 90% of online users state that videos are effective in making decisions.

Therefore, Whiteboard Animation video content will definitely improve your sales process. The trick is: knowing that different video cycles work better for different phases!

Knowing what type of Animation video you can use for each step is one step closer to performing the best sales process! Let’s see how.

Improve the Explainer video content sales cycle

As we discussed earlier, there are different types of Animated video content. Each type works best for a particular phase of the cycle!

Let’s look at some situations that you can improve when using Explainer videos.

1 awareness phase

First, your potential customers are aware of a specific problem during the waking phase. And what do you do if you have a problem? You research it!

At this stage, you should be able to provide answers to the questions you are looking for. You not only save valuable time for your sales team, but also continue to offer valuable and interesting content to attract new target groups.

During the wake-up phase, use informative videos like these two:

Instructional Explainer videos

With the help of educational videos, you can provide your customers with valuable information. This is the type of content they are looking for!

These Explainer videos are very divided and interesting for your leads. Why? Because with them you will answer the questions they are looking for! This way you attract more organic traffic.

Like videos

The Animated video shows you how to teach interesting things to your audience. Your audience loves to learn new things! So use it to your advantage.

Answer your questions. Use these videos as an opportunity to present your product (without creating ‘SalesY’). Present it as an example of the right way to solve your problems. In this way, you pave the way for the second stage!

Step 2 – discover your purpose

The second step has to be considered. At the moment, your potential customers are more familiar with your product and are considering various options to solve their problems.

So if you want to stand out from the others, your old sales pitch is not enough! It’s time to drop it and go on.

Product Animated videos

With product Animated videos, your goal is to show, not to tell! You are about to present your product in a practical way. One way to do this is to show a real person using your product and show them how it works. But it doesn’t always have to be a live-action video!

Use your imagination: you can use dynamic marketing Animation videos or screencast videos (which are great for presenting digital products or services).

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