I’m sure you’ve already seen the whiteboard Animation presentation video and definitely fell in love with it. This particularly descriptive Animated video style has become very popular (and even more) and is definitely a great tool to connect with your target audience from an emotional perspective. At the same time, you can implement your business ideas quickly, easily and attractively. What would be better? If you want to use these fantastic Animated videos too, the first question may be, “When should I use whiteboard videos?”

We are here to help you! Read this article and learn how to follow your unique sales offer.

Learn the basics

Let’s get into the first mode! Here we have a fun and cool whiteboard animation presentation. If you saw one of them, enjoy it again! And when you are here for the first time, believe me: you will be fascinated

Did you notice that they are really attractive and pleasant? In addition, there are many other unique features that distinguish this style.

In fact, the Animated videos were made by an artist who drew on a whiteboard and recorded with a camera. But of course, this technique has been improved. In today’s world, it’s completely digital, but interestingly enough, it also maintains that traditional connection. In addition, some companies have gone one step further and added some 2D character animations and special effects.

To put it this way, this video is per se immensely appealing, so you can rely on it if you align the whiteboard in special stands as one of the best styles by creating an emotional bond with your audience using animated characters, also let them know how good your product is. These Animation videos are a great way to explain any kind of idea in a very simple, quick, and engaging way. And it’s not just that: keep in mind that the story was created before the eyes of the beholder and is very interesting and admirable!

In short, whiteboard videos have become very popular for several reasons.

They are an excellent teaching tool and offer the opportunity to discuss any idea or concept.

With the help of narrative techniques and captivating scenes, they can build a strong bond with the audience.

The use of character animations gives the video a personal and human touch and is more fun to watch.

When should you record an explainer video on the whiteboard?

Now you know the basics of this interesting style. Now is the time to get straight to the point and decide in which case you should choose.

Consider a whiteboard presentation in the following situations:

1 If your product or service is too complex

Just as we used whiteboards as kids in school, marketing videos adopted this technique and applied it to marketing to educate the audience. Descriptive whiteboard videos are very educational and a great tool for driving a complex idea in a simple and straightforward manner.

2 When you need extra time to implement your business ideas

Descriptive Explainer videos are usually of a certain length. However, if your product or service is more complex and takes more time to explain, a whiteboard presentation can work very well to expand this area. Note that when you look at the whiteboard, people already know that the “lesson” can be a little long. When you see the story unfold before your eyes, there is a strong curiosity that will help keep you entertained.

3. If you want to use the character animation

By adding some beautiful custom characters to your whiteboard animation presentation, you can build strong relationships with the audience: these characters will appear on the screen once they are familiar with their appearance, style, behavior, settings and needs. Will see This is ideal to build trust in your proposal.

4. If you have a B2B or B2C company (doesn’t matter!)

Whiteboard videos are very versatile in style: they combine the characters of good characters, visual humor, and the ability to deliver any type of concept quickly and easily. In this sense, they will be a great tool for you if you have a B2B company and need to hand over intelligently complex or abstract concepts or a B2C company that is extremely attractive. You want to connect with your audience by using format to strengthen that emotional bond.

So far, you’ve had some useful information about what whiteboard videos are and when to use them to improve your marketing strategy. Can use But we want to go one step further and give you some killer tips to get the most out of this style. Check out this list and learn what to do and what not to do for a good whiteboard description video!

What should I do?

Keep it traditional: Always try to stick to the traditional black and white look that is the essence of this type of video. Of course, you can add some color tips or make minor adjustments to deviate a little from the classic model, but don’t forget the original nature.

Use animated characters: add some cute and funny characters to your video and you will make it even more fascinating. Remember to customize these characters according to your buyer’s personality traits. Watch this video to see how we did it.

Use the drawing hand: Remember that this is the most important element of this type of video. If you don’t include it, you won’t get the effectiveness and educational perspective you are looking for!