When is it a good idea to use a whiteboard video?

When is it a good idea to use a whiteboard video?

When To Use Explainer videos from Top Digital Marketing Experts Online

You may have seen and loved the whiteboard video. These special animated videos have gained tremendous popularity in recent years and are a great option to connect emotionally with your target audience while getting a picture of your business in just a few seconds. Provide Engaging, Funny, Educational, Informative, Cool, and Extremely Charming – You Want To Be Part Of This Game Too!

But hey, do you think this is the right video style for your business? Read this article and get valuable information to understand if you should choose this style to communicate your unique sales proposition. Enjoy it!

Welcome to the Whiteboard Animation World

Let’s start with an interesting and engaging whiteboard video! If you’ve seen these videos before, you’ll be reminded of them again, and if you haven’t, you’ll start enjoying their magic.

As you can see, these Animated videos have a special touch that makes them so unique and attractive, and there are several reasons for it.

Traditionally, they were created by an artist who was drawn to the whiteboard Animated Video while the camera was shooting. Nowadays, they have become completely digital, but at the same time, they are trying to maintain this original essence. Some companies have also decided to add more 2D character animations Videos and special effects.

The thing is, if white content per se has a strong appeal, whiteboard videos are especially one of the best ways to connect your audience on an emotional level by using dynamic characters to connect you. While teaching too, with such a cute format. They are a great tool for explaining any type of concept in a very simple way. It’s also one of the most exciting styles because the story is made in front of the audience.

In short, whiteboard videos have become very popular because:

He has great pedagogical ability and the ability to present any kind of ideas.

They use narrative techniques and amazing styles that evoke strong emotions in the viewer

You use the character’s animation Video power to present your video with a special human perspective and to make it more entertaining to watch.

Tip: Don’t miss these 5 great whiteboard videos made by different companies in different industries!

When should you choose a whiteboard video?

Now that you know the basics of this charming style, let’s see if it’s a good choice for your particular case.

Create a whiteboard animation video if:

1 Your product or service is too complex

What could be more education than the bulletin board? We learned with whiteboards at school. Animated videos have adopted this technique and applied it in the field of marketing. Whiteboard video animation is ideal for expressing extremely complex concepts in a very simple and understandable way.

2 You need additional time to explain your business idea

Descriptive Explainer videos must be of a certain length, that’s right. However, if your product or service is a bit complicated and you need extra time to get your message across, Whiteboard Video is perfect to cross that threshold. When people see the whiteboard in front of their eyes, they know that the “lesson” can take a little longer. As the story unfolds before your eyes, it creates a strong sense of expectation and offers you fascination and entertainment.

For example, this video is just over 90 seconds long and not boring at all!

3. You want to use the magic of character animation

Adding some beautiful custom characters to your whiteboard video will create a strong connection with your audience about the story you are telling, as these characters will look, behave and behave, which will help you build confidence in your brand and thinking Build your value proposition because your viewers feel that the video is made for them.

4. You have a B2B or B2C company (it works great for both!)

Whiteboard videos are one of the most versatile styles because they have beautiful characters, great visual humor, and the ability to share any concept in a simple and straightforward manner. This makes them perfect for any type of company, whether you have a B2B company that needs to convince you of a complex or abstract idea, or if you have a B2C company and want to make the most of the storytelling techniques. And strengthen this emotional bond with your audience.

Run whiteboard animation or not

Now that you know that whiteboard animation suits you well, I want to give you some basic tips to get the most out of this style: learn what to do and what to do with it. Effective doing should be avoided!

Make sure you:

Keep it traditional: stick to the classic white and black base, just like whiteboard videos have always been. In addition, you sometimes want to skip this “classic model” by adding color, color indicators, or making minor changes.

Use animated characters: You can make your video more engaging, engaging, and engaging by adding some cute and funny characters. Make sure you make them high quality and fully customizable as they represent the style, style, and behavior of your target audience. Here’s how we did it in this video:

Add drawing hand: The drawing hand is only “required” in every whiteboard animation. This is a very important factor in this style. If you don’t include it, you won’t find the effective and educational approach you are looking for.

Attach drawing: In the whiteboard animation, the drawing has to be combined to create a harmonious, smooth, and smooth and dynamic animation Video (and thus a story). Attached drawings are one of the most interesting elements of this technique.

Use emotional quotes: adding additional quotes or elements that trigger different emotions can make your video even more compelling and memorable. You can think of ways to evoke memories, for example by adding retro video games or old classic films.

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