Using software animation descriptive video to get results (plus 3 examples)

Using software animation descriptive video to get results (plus 3 examples)

Using software animation descriptive video to get results (plus 3 examples)

This is a big problem when consumers have no idea what your business is doing. How can you sell a product that nobody understands? Especially a new or more complex offer. This is where our dynamic explanatory video comes in. But first, let’s talk about our wonderful customer Perkin Elmer who had exactly this problem.

Perkin Elmer’s Clinical Analysis Group faced the same challenge with their knowledge of clinical analysis and visualization solutions. Perkin Elmer is well known in the life science industry for its leading diagnostic, detection, imaging, and tooling solutions. PerkinElmer’s IT offerings are relatively new and less well known in the industry. You need a way to create global awareness of analytical solutions right in the clinical field.

Know your strategy before making a video

If it doesn’t work with your overall marketing strategy, a quick dynamic explanatory video isn’t worth much. Video is a tactic, a tool that you can use to grow and transform leads – but it may not be your perfect strategy.

Perkin Elmer needs a way to talk over the top of his funnel to get people noticed and interested in the product. Animated videos don’t work for them because “video marketing is the future”“. They work because video helps them take advantage of the new solution.

Where Perkin Elmer uses his animated explanatory videos (3 examples)

There wasn’t a playbook on using videos at the top of your marketing funnel, so Perkin Elmer made it their own. He did a lot of experiments to find the right way to turn the opportunities into fun and take advantage of them via video.

1: Media

For PerkinElmer, content marketing means more than just adding a blog to your website. This meant sharing his blog content, articles, and an animated explainer video with leading media outlets in the science and pharmaceutical industries.

Posting dynamic explanatory videos on your own blog is great, but if you lay your eggs in there you will limit your video marketing skills. At the top of your funnel, people haven’t even heard of your brand, so they’re less likely to click through to your blog in Google results.

Find out where your audience is looking for information, where to get the information they can trust, and find a way to get there. Understand what they’re looking for and design your own video strategy to answer these questions.

The tactic helped raise awareness of PerkinElmer’s new solutions and generate new leads to get the brand excited about such products.

He knows that people search online for topics like risk-based surveillance, medical review, medical analysis, etc. so he made an explanatory video about it. Now those looking for these topics will be featured in a lower order by Akes, Perkin Elmer, which is educational and not for sale to help.

2 : Landing Pages

Perkin Elmer knew consumers would find their solutions in the first place through ads. They use Google AdWords to navigate their website, landing pages, and gated content. You will find an animated video for all three.

Here’s why it works: Not everyone right above the fireplace is ready to fill out a long-form – even if they really want to learn more about your product.

On your landing pages and anywhere you ask visitors for information, dynamic descriptive videos can help you develop insightful interest before moving on to additional competencies. They allow employees to learn a little about the company they offer and their solutions so that they can stay more engaged and relaxed with how they convey their information.

3 : E-mail Foster configuration

The third branch of Perkin Elmer’s video strategy is Rob’s Bread and Butter: his email campaign, which the team can use to identify and qualify opportunities as it progresses. For PerkinElmer, grooming was a flagship.

In addition, the marketing strategy is about reaching and informing audiences in a low-risk way. Hence, they tend to dig into the company and learn more.

The parenting campaign begins here. It is designed to meet people where they are – when they first agree to sign up, before being taken to the center of the coffin.

Patches regularly use a series of commentary videos to simplify any complex solution, explain the visual aspects of the analysis, and highlight the benefits of a specific presentation of their solutions.

When the recipient clicks to watch the video, they will proceed to the email setting. If you don’t get it, you can watch the video. Receive a reminder email with a different suggestion.

Many companies make the mistake of moving straight to hard sales as soon as someone agrees to sign up. You want to shorten the sales cycle, and we get it.

Using a dynamic explanatory video to maintain your email is a cheaper and more valuable method, especially at the beginning of your continuity. You can fully share more information in as many compact packages as possible so that leads get their proposed value without scrolling to several miles of text.

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