Use Whiteboard Animation video in your marketing automation strategy

Use Whiteboard Animation video in your marketing automation strategy

Use Whiteboard Animation video in your marketing automation strategy

Marketing automation is a continuous force. Why? Because the modern business world is so complex and fast. Hence, marketing automation saved the day when marketers need to simplify the time-consuming and difficult tasks.

In addition, online Whiteboard Animation video consumption is increasing without interruption. Cisco even predicts that 82% of online traffic will be Animation video in three years. Once you understand that a large number of users prefer such engaging, entertaining, and useful content to others, the meaning is complete.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

By implementing Animated video into your marketing automation, you can increase the effectiveness of your marketing strategy and get better results than you ever thought possible! To do this, however, you need to understand how each piece of the puzzle is connected and working together.

What is Marketing Automation?

It is a system that automatically manages the marketing process across multinational campaigns and across multiple channels.

As your business grows, it becomes more and more difficult to maintain a 1: 1 relationship with each of your (potential) customers. Imagine arranging tasks like sending emails, scheduling appointments, tracking prospects, and scheduling social media content. It seems messy, useless, time-consuming, and difficult to achieve.

Then marketing automation (or lead nurturing) comes into play.

The main purpose is to simplify and streamline your marketing campaigns, maximize efficiency, and maximize profit. Instead of doing this manually, you use a software platform to compile workflows with repetitive tasks like repeated submission.

By using marketing automation, you want to keep track of and understand your target audience, build (or maintain) strong relationships with your leads, and accelerate your sales.

set goals

Whether or not you use Whiteboard Animation video in your marketing automation, setting your goals is always the first step in any marketing strategy. Depending on your preferences or the needs of your company, your situation will vary.

The great thing about marketing automation is that you can tailor certain experiences and interactions to suit your customers’ needs. So you need to ask yourself what you want to achieve and how Animated video content can help you.

Goals are usually related to your leads: they generate, nurture, or please them. We can sort them into three categories.

Lead Generation: If you want to expand your contact list, you need to contact new prospects. This is usually done by adding a form to collect email addresses.

Lead Nurturing: Your efforts are focused on listening to your potential needs and providing personalized information or answers. If you want to promote the lead, you should link relevant Animated video content to your emails.

Customer Enjoyment: Do you want to bring amazing and memorable experiences to your customers so they can praise your brand? Customer satisfaction is about exceeding your customers’ expectations in order to create an emotional connection with your brand.

Evaluate your lead

Not all of your leads are created equal. This is another important lesson to learn here.

Understanding where your leads are in the sales process (hence what questions they have or what obstacles they face) is an important consideration in determining the right type of Animated video content to send them.

Once you create new leads and start nurturing them, you won’t treat them all the same or send them the same Animated video. You must first group them based on specific functions.

Are you dealing with someone who has just signed up for your blog or website? Is it Marketing Qualified Lead (MMS) or is it more advanced in the buying process and has become Sales Qualified Lead (MySQL)? It all depends on how they treat you and how busy they are with your brand.

Here is a list of the five different stages in the lead lifecycle that you can use to identify and classify them:

Buyers: People who don’t know much about you but hear from you from time to time. For example, by signing up for your blog or newsletter. By offering high quality and interesting content, you can maintain it and develop it further in the cycle.

MMS: Marketing Qualified Leads delve into your content and are ready to sell more than regular leads, but are not “sufficiently ready” to close the deal. You can set different ways to upgrade the lead to the MQML level. Take the following picture as an example:

MySQL: Sales Qualified Leads is a ranking for people who have reached the next level of MMS engagement and are now ready for the next phase of the sales funnel. These leads are the main target for a sales boost!

Customer: After all, the “Customer” step is reserved for a leader who has gone through all the other phases of your final and has already bought from you.

Rate your Animated video content

Okay, let’s talk more about Animation videos and how they can help you evaluate your existing leads.

You probably have a lot of great Animation videos, each with a different purpose. However, depending on the type of lead you are dealing with and the lead lifecycle they are in, some Animated videos will perform better than others.

If you are in the process of generating leads and trying to find new prospects, how-tos and tutorial Animated videos are best as they’ll value your audience. In instructional Animated videos, they increase awareness and branding by solving a specific problem or problem. What kind of Animation videos are for those interested in learning or with questions that can be answered with videos.

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