The Golden Rule For Using Animated Video Content In Marketing Emails

The Golden Rule For Using Animated Video Content In Marketing Emails

The Golden Rule For Using Animated Video Content In Marketing Emails

Here at TOP DIGITAL MARKETING we like Animated video content, it is the most effective form of digital marketing, which makes it extremely popular with email marketers despite the technical challenges. According to this investigation, the Animated video in an email increases the clickthrough rate by 200 to 300%.

Another study found that Animated video marketers get 66% more educated leads each year than their non-video peers. In such cases, the question is not whether you want to use Animated video content in email campaigns, but how you can use it more effectively.

Email marketing platforms have different technical specifications, so your Animated videos may not perform the same anywhere. In this article, we explain the golden rule for using Animated video content in marketing emails. Let’s take a look!

Dealing with Animated video content in email marketing

Simple digital formats like plain text or images are not difficult to use, but Animated videos require a certain level of technical skill. However, email marketers claim that if you divide this process into several phases, it is so easy to find out that our list of suggestions is as follows.

Add an image after the play button

The best way to add a Animated video experience to your email is to add photos after the play button. Technically speaking, this is not a real Animated video because it only mimics the shape of an average Animated video player. How it works?

When the recipient clicks on the image to play the content, it will be sent to the landing page embedded with your Animated video. Since you’re already forcing users to take additional steps and leave emails to use the content, you shouldn’t ask them to click Play again.

Instead, add “Play” to the end of the Animated video URL to enable autoplay. This way, the Animated video will automatically play as soon as it reaches the user’s landing page, with no additional time or effort.

Use animated GIFs

Animated GIFs also serve as a simple email Animated video alternative. This is a good solution since most email platforms support the GIF format so that the audience can see your content completely. However, this client only shows the first frame:

This is important because you must see all GIF-based messages from all users. For this reason, you should include all of the basic information in the first frame to maximize your basic email campaign potential.

Add Animation videos to your email

An alternative solution is to include a Animation video in your email message. It has some knowledge of HTML coding, not a good thing if you are an amateur in this area. Furthermore, it still doesn’t guarantee a high click rate.

That said, most marketers avoid this option because not all email platforms can recognize it and play Animated videos. So far, it works best with email clients for iOS, Apple Mail, and Samsung, but Gmail and Android only display a fallback picture.

Add a CTA

Email marketing is designed to encourage users to take action after watching their Animated videos. Therefore, you should insert a unique CTA during or at the end of the video and invite users to watch your other video, download eBooks or case studies, or fill out a contact form.

Measure the results

Digital marketing is not a game of chance. You must measure the results to improve your email Animated video efforts. All email marketing platforms include basic analytics that show you the recipients who open the email. It also shows URLs that users have used via email.

If the results meet your expectations, you must continue with the same strategy. If you are not happy with the results, you should look for pain areas and change your perspective.

Great ideas for email Animated videos

Now that you know how to organize email Animated videos, you should also learn about the best content creation ideas to impress subscribers. It all depends on your own inspiration and creativity, but for starters, we’ve put together a list of the most common Animated video creation options.

Send special offers

When you launch a new product or develop a seasonal discount, you should wrap it up in video format. This way you can define the entire presentation in 30 seconds and make your content more visible.


Word of mouth is extremely powerful, especially when combined with Animated video content. You should use email campaigns to send customer testimonials to prove your company’s credibility. There’s no reason to hide behind photos and text ratings if you can create a great testimonial video. This tool is as effective as the recommendations of friends and family members. So make full use of it.

Digest the news

If you run a large company that frequently launches new products, campaigns, and services, you can use the wealth of content to process the news. The video format is convenient and easy for flash messages and instant information sessions, making it perfect for email marketing messages.

After the event

Tracking an event is just another way to add extra hype to your advertising activity. It’s also a comprehensive content model that gives you a variety of options – for reviewing events, getting feedback, prominent matches, sending information about marketing materials, and more.

Email video follow-ups do the same thing but make it more attractive. Take some time to prepare the Animated video and you will definitely notice a huge increase in the opening rate.T

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