Telling a brand story in a video

Telling a brand story in a video

Telling a brand story in a video

Your brand has a story, whether you know it or not, and it’s more than just a video-giver. Videos that tell your brand story can be just as powerful as videos that describe your product.

Seriously, people will come to your website, buy your products, and chat with you on social media. Everything tells a story. If you are constantly looking for the same messages and authentic reactions from people, you are probably on the right track to tell their stories.

If you’ve never thought about the history of your branded video before, don’t worry. There are some big brands that haven’t put much (or the wrong) effort into building their brand image. Read on if you want to learn more about creating effective brand storytelling videos. And done nothing.

Number one: Weight Watcher

Our first example shows a good point. While doing something in a dry, non-emotional way and can get minimal results. In your branded storytelling videos, you can share testimonials, pointers, and best practices on your audience-centric platform.

Weight watchers know their audience and this group is on Facebook.

The company has put a lot of effort into this social channel. Creating prescription videos, testimonials, and ads to keep people in the program of the fence.

Check out this commitment.

Why it’s good: persistence and seriousness. His most popular videos are the brand new video niche and around 30 seconds.

Number two: Samsung

Samsung has had some problems getting lighter recently.

Phones are blown up, executives arrested, and even fired! This is not a pretty picture. Surprisingly, this isn’t a bad example. When it comes to their reputation, every brand is going to have some stains.

But the way Samsung responded told a great story for their brand.

The new people in charge placed full-page ads in various posts to apologize. The defeat cost them billions of dollars and countless amounts of brand equity, but they did the right thing in a very public way.

Why It’s Good: Trying to hide things that actually happened doesn’t really feel honest to users. If you tell the truth, even if it costs you money (billions in this case) or tarnishes your reputation, you will still be considered dignified. Users want to give you another chance. (See what we did! Just sell the beautiful Galaxy S8!)

Number three: Visio (hint: it’s not that big)

Unfortunately, Vizio isn’t doing much to distinguish itself as a technology giant.

They make excellent and reliable electronic products and even received advertisements during the Super Bowl – no less with Beyonc!

But their social media isn’t great and they don’t have the top 10 most popular videos with beautiful branded storytelling videos. They are as follows:

Why it’s bad: The problem here is obvious. As a company, your job is to get your audience to watch great brand storytelling videos with everyone. Share the individual video

Number four: CrossFit

Either you do or you don’t because that’s all they’re talking about. T-shirts from their gym showing their new muscles or just randomly adding the word “burpy” to the conversation will be obvious.

This can be annoying, but the actual organization communicates well with its audience. CrossFit’s brand history styling videos are specific to the audience and people want to know more.

They convey the history and benefits of their brand by showing the results of rigorous exercises. In particular, they have compiled videos called Brand Story highlighting CrossFit Games and creating documentation that details the process.

Number five: the collision of the collision

You have to respect the widespread development of some game apps, even if you are in the more reputable software and SaaS industries.

With over 10 million active monthly subscribers, anyone selling encoded products can learn something. Yes, the game is very good and addicting. That said, this brand is designed for the ignorant person in all of us.

And they stop this story.

If your videos get less than a few million views or less than 30,000 likes on FB posts, this is a mistake. Even if no one is around and they want to be fooled by their posts, their stuff is funny.

Why it’s good: Speak to your audience at their level and don’t be afraid to have a little fun. Extremely reputable brands can bring in the humor for a better storytelling experience.

Telling a brand story in a video
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Telling a brand story in a video
Your brand has a story, whether you know it or not, and it's more than just a video-giver. Videos that tell your brand story can be just as powerful as videos that describe your product.
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