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Small Businesses

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Full access to all features listed below
5 to 10 Keywords
Premium support
50 Local Citations
500 words count
Limited outreach links building


Targeting high traffic

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Full access to all features listed below
20 to 30 keywords
Premium support
Up to 150 Local Citations
up tp 1500 word content
50 to 70 Da link outreach


For large companies

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Full access to all features listed below
50+ keywords
Premium support
250+ Local Citations
Weekly Content Publishing up to 2000+ words
Advanced performance
Website Audit & SEO Assessment
Detailed Back-link Audit
Internal Link Building & Optimization​
Image Optimization​
Schema Code Integration​
Minify CSS, HTML, and JavaScript​
Header Tag Optimization​
Site Review & Analysis​
Google Analytics setup​
Content Creation & Optimization​
Site Audits & Ranking tracking
Google Search Console monitoring​
Social Media Marketing
Website Indexing
Technical SEO
Keyword Ranking
Performance Metrics
On-Page Optimization
Local Citation
Business Profile Listings
High Da Outreach Link-building
Keyword Analysis
Competitive Analysis
Content Creation & Enhancement
Off-Page Link Building
Remove Duplicate Page Content
SSL installation
Mobile Optimization

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