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How To Use Animation Video Marketing In Your Email Campaigns

How To Use Animation Video Marketing In Your Email Campaigns

How To Use Animation Video Marketing In Your Email Campaigns

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Most likely, you’ve heard statistics about the benefits of Animated video marketing. And you don’t need to mention the myriad of benefits that can be derived from a well-maintained email list.

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By adding videos to your email campaigns, you can triple your click-through rate and reduce your subscription rate by up to 75%.

Sounds like someone with a brain right? But as with anything digital marketing related, you need to make sure that you are getting it right.

In this post, we’ll walk you through two common questions that need to be answered before you can make a successful video marketing email campaign a success.

Question 1: Where do I keep the original Animation video?

Should you embed Animation videos right in your email – or include a thumbnail with a link that will drive traffic to your website or landing page?

At first glance, it seems obvious to embed the Animated video directly in your email. This saves your viewers a click and increases the likelihood that they will actually watch the Animated video. While email is a natural choice in the Animated video, there are actually some really compelling reasons why you should prefer the thumbnail approach.

The bottom line is if you are sharing Animated video content with your audience, do you want them to take action as soon as they see it? Whether you’re downloading additional content, contacting you for a demo, or just watching more of your videos, these things need to be in the context of your website.

If you allow people to view your videos without visiting your website, they might not visit your website. With that in mind, here is an ideal process for using video in email.

Add a thumbnail to your email that points to the landing page the video is on.

There are exceptions to everything, but it’s always nice to have someone on your website after you’ve watched a video. Having an audience on your lawn would be great for conversions.

Question # 2: What kind of video would you like to send us?

Most forms of Internet communication (especially email) are short in nature. So, if you think it is a good idea for your IT rep to send a 67-minute presentation on improving your SaaS product, please stop.

Bottom line: people don’t care about long emails and probably don’t want a long business video before lunch.

If you are thinking of sharing a lot of video marketing content via email, over time you will be asking your audience to multiply many of those minutes to see that content. So if it’s okay to share long-form video content every now and then (think Rand Fishkin’s Whiteboard Friday), most of the time you should plan on keeping things short and to the point. : 30 to: 90 seconds is a sweet spot.

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Don’t be a one-hit-wonder
If you’re looking to introduce video marketing into your email endeavors, why stop at just one? A series helps you gain trust and can land your brand in a prestigious basic inbox if you take value seriously.

Create a series of high quality, useful videos for your email list and you already have an audience that can’t wait for the next episode.

Last line: You really can’t go wrong with a video series. And email is the perfect place to share.

Answer – CTA

Regardless of the medium or method you choose, Call to Action (CTA) can be included whenever the content matters. Even if it’s just about sharing the email with coworkers, there should be a way for visitors to pay you.

Without a way to get your satisfied audience back, you are missing out on a great opportunity. With CTA you can:

Confirm that a lead is ready to negotiate with the seller
Teach them more (e.g. how to download a white paper)
Convince them to buy (of course)

Bottom Line: Having a clear CTA will help you measure ROI and add it to your list in a powerful way.

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Bonus tip: Always measure your results. Tracking your CTA conversions will help you with future campaigns.

Quality through and through

It has become a common practice to combine standard video marketing and email with beauty. To get noticed ((and not get deleted)) your content needs to be special. Anything that hits the right side of the pain or behavioral stimulus.

Either way, it takes time, effort, and creative thinking. With the ability to triple your click-through rate, there are a few things you can do to eliminate the impact of your email marketing.

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