It is said how important it is to use Whiteboard Animation videos for your company!

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We live in a time when it is almost a sin for businesses not to use Whiteboard Animation video content. This video is basically everywhere. If you don’t create a video for your business, you will be left behind.

But why is it like that? Why does this Animation video win on text every time? What are the advantages of implementing Animation video content in a brand’s marketing strategy? If you still have doubts, don’t worry anymore – let’s talk about the importance of using video for your business.

If the battle is Whiteboard Animation video against text, the video wins every time

Did you know that our content makes Animation video content 50,000 times faster than text? For this reason, it is not surprising that consumers prefer to read videos than to explain about a company.

And the reason is that people avoid things that cause a high level of intellectual stress, which isn’t surprising for those of us who are very late (and to be honest, we all don’t). Are!). That is why we choose tasks that depend on how easy they are to implement.

So if you want your message to reach your audience, the best way to use the video is to communicate with it.

By simply adding them to your website, videos improve your SEO

Search engine optimization doesn’t work magically – you have to understand the logic of search engines. For example, if you want to go high in search engines like Google, you should keep an eye on what your target audience is spending on your website.

Why? Since this is something search engines take very seriously – if your audience spends a lot of time on your website, it means that it is useful and relevant to them. Search engines take this as a good sign and increase your ranking.

But it all depends on what type of content you’re using. For example, if you have Animated video content, users will spend more time on your website and watch those videos.

Because Animated videos are engaging and contain a lot of information that is easy to implement, people love them! They definitely play every Animation video that stands in their way. So if you’re careful, use video content in important parts of your website, like B. on your landing page.

If you have an Animated video embedded on your website, you are 53 times more likely to appear on Google. This will definitely send a positive signal to these search engines!

You will rank high in the other major search engines!

Okay, so you’ve read “the second largest search engine” and you’re probably thinking “bang”, right? If that’s the case, I’m afraid to tell you that you’re wrong.

Don’t be confused You may think it’s a social network or just a video platform, but YouTube is actually a search engine and also a very important one! People go to YouTube to find things – not just cat videos, but also guides, videos, and most instructional videos.

From “How to make a microwave from a palm tree” to “How to change a light bulb”, you can find all your information on YouTube – and your audience knows it.

Your ideal audience when YouTube needs solutions or answers. This is why content that is important for YouTube searches is of crucial importance for the awareness and awareness of your brand.

Video content is (of course) the ticket to your YouTube success. But educational video content gives you gold!

Video gives your audience a sense of strong connection to your brand

Video content (especially animated video content) strongly depends on the ability to tell stories. With animation, you can create characters and scenarios that your audience can identify with.

In addition, when using cartoon animations, create a link to the cartoons your audience saw as a child. Emotions

The stories you can tell with videos are really effective in building strong relationships and trusting a really diverse audience! For more information on this article, see this article about cartoon videos and their effectiveness.

Only one Animated video can be used for many things

Recycling content is one of the keys to modern marketing, and there is too much juice to squeeze out of video content! If your budget is tight or you want to test the water with your first video, you can create a lot of other content.

For example, you can create a teaser for your website. You can also use parts of your video as fun answer GIFs on Twitter or Instagram-friendly (in short, “how-to-videos” are a great option). Can use You can edit your video to create a new one.

This makes videos even more valuable because it increases their value even further.

Videos are also versatile. You can use them anywhere for maximum impact. Add them to email marketing and social media, embed them anywhere on your website and blog posts. Videos improve your performance in every corner. Is.

Video is gold for social media and email marketing

Video has dominated social media, that’s a fact. We know, you know, Facebook definitely knows. And the fact that Facebook (undoubtedly a social giant) offers many functions for centralizing videos has something special: 360 videos, Facebook Live, Lifetime;

You are aware of the growing importance of video in consumer life. And here’s what you should know: Video combines text and images to generate 1,200% more shares.

Most users share a company’s video as long as it’s not entertaining. Since video content creates all kinds of conversations, you have the ability to give your brand the ability to share those conversations. Do the middle.

Video works just as well with email marketing.

Email marketing is powerful. However, if you include the word “video” in your email subject line, video can increase this performance by increasing the opening rates.

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It is said how important it is to use Whiteboard Animation videos for your company!
We live in a time when it is almost a sin for businesses not to use Whiteboard Animation video content. This video is basically everywhere. If you don't create a video for your business, you will be left behind.
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