How To Use Animated Video And Email Together To Increase Your Open Prices

How To Use Animated Video And Email Together To Increase Your Open Prices

How To Use Animated Video And Email Together To Increase Your Open Prices

When you combine Animated video and email, you get a powerful pair.

On the one hand, there is an Animated video. As you may already know, this is the most effective type of content. If you just look at the statistics for the past few years, you can see that the growth has been significant. Audiences and marketers like love Animated videos. It’s a great way to increase interest, fun, and dialogue.

On the other hand, you have email, an important communication channel that is particularly strong in business. Email keeps you connected with your audience, helps promote your brand, and extends the reach of your business.

So when you combine Animated video and email, the results are great. If you do it right, at least!

This section will tell you everything you need to know to effectively incorporate Animated videos into your email, the benefits of them, and who has seen Vista. , Will show. Let’s go!

Why should you use Animated video in your email campaigns?

Yes, it is clear that by combining email and Animated video, you have a powerful and effective marketing tool. However, not everyone is aware of this!

He made us think, why? Perhaps with other digital advertising channels like social media, PPC, and all those aspects, most people thought that email marketing had an ancient digital history. However, email is still the most popular channel for communicating with audiences in the business environment!

Appropriate people point out the emails the average person receives each day as one of the strategy’s biggest flaws, and we agree! However, this is exactly what it takes to get amazing content that will actually motivate your audience to open up and engage with your marketing emails!

Using Animated videos in your email campaigns will help you make the most of your potential. It also helps your email conversions, increases your open rates, and increases your click-through rate by 200-300%. Yes, there is a big difference!

Another great thing about adding Animated videos to your emails is that you can keep track of who is watching them and gain valuable insight into how recipients are handling your content and individual viewers can help you measure results.

We’ll get back to that in a moment, but first, we’ll start with the “how” aspect of things.

First, set goals

It all starts with a simple question: what do you want to get out of your email?

This may sound simple, but it’s one of the most important parts of email marketing to be successful. Achieving a clear goal guides your campaign and makes it easier to measure success.

Basically there are only two options:

Use the content of your website to reach your audience.

So that you can use the content of the email.

With this in mind, you can define the central CTA (call to action) of your campaign – another important aspect of success.

So remember: whether it’s communicating with embedded Animated videos in an email or delivering them to a website, there is always a clear goal to be achieved from the start.

Grow your audience

By using Animated video and email together, you increase your chances of delivering great, fun, helpful, and interesting content. And you can connect them not only to connect with your existing audience, but also to increase your reach !!

You compose an email with a great dynamic explanatory video with a link to your website and then send it to your loyal core audience. A large chunk of your readers will open it (because they already like your content!). However, if the attached content is worth it, they will share it with friends, co-workers, or even customers. Can also share it

With these stocks, you will find your potential in the face of a mixture of new opportunities. If they like what they see, they can buy your emails, learn more about you, and hopefully become new customers. Increase your reach and your audience!

Best practice email and Animated video from you!

The goal here is to use Animated videos to open your email and increase the click rate. We have something to do for this and nothing to do for you:

Add the word “Animated video” to the subject line of your email. This way, your recipient will immediately know that there is juicy content inside.

Always choose inviting and attractive thumbnails for your Animated videos. This is the first impression that matters most!

Don’t add too many CTAs. Keep it simple and clean.

Manage Animated video file size for a better user experience. Long, heavy Animated videos usually don’t go well with email.

If you want to generate traffic to your website, send your audience to your landing page when they click the Animated video thumbnail in your email. This gives them additional contextual elements to strengthen brand awareness.

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