How To Create Whiteboard Animated Videos For Your Business

How To Create Whiteboard Animated Videos For Your Business

How To Create Whiteboard Animated Videos For Your Business

How can Whiteboard animated videos benefit your marketing strategy?

Here in the Top digital marketing videos, we saw for the first time that this Whiteboard Animation video style is most commonly used in online marketing – due to the nature of its interest and its synthesis, it is extremely important to get in touch with the target group. Are useful.

Marketers love them! Because these Animated videos give them the opportunity to explain a complex business idea in a very educational way in just a few seconds.

But what makes these Animated videos unique is their style. They have a very recognizable animation style that makes them very attractive to the audience. Classically, it consists of a whiteboard background (or another background that can be used for drawing like a piece of paper), a continuous drawing, and a hand that draws.

Because of their popularity, you’ve probably seen them before! Let’s take a look at the basics of this Animation video style.


In fact, these Whiteboard Animation videos were created in real life by an artist who was shot with a camera. Over the years (and the improvement in technology) the technology has been improved and expanded through 2D animation. Some special effects have also been added to promote this style (which also helped achieve high-quality results!).

Of course, the classic animation style was translated with a lot of time and effort, and that too turned out to be a very bad result in most cases. The bottom line is that even if the artist made the smallest mistake, it couldn’t be fixed and they had to film again!

Fortunately, this process is very time and cost-effective these days because everything has been digitized so far. This makes the style more polished and cleaner and also speeds up preparation. Errors can be fixed without starting immediately.

Digital Whiteboard Animation videos also showed dynamic characters and situations in a way that was previously impossible!

Not every scene is animated, but strategically, you can animate parts of it to make it more interesting for viewers and to highlight some parts of the message.

Although it has evolved from paper (or whiteboard!) To digital animation, the three key elements we discussed remain. Therefore, a Whiteboard Animation video must have the following:

A clear background (classic whiteboard, but if it helps the message, it resembles any other material)

A permanent drawing (usually like a black marker, but may have some color scales in strategic locations to highlight a brand or situation. And preferably brand colors!)

A hand draws (that gives the Animated video context! Without the drawing hand it would only be a normal animated video)

But this is only the beginning! Let’s take a look at the steps required to create one of these videos for your brand!

How to make a Whiteboard Animation video step by step!

  1. Script

To create one of these Animation videos, you first need to write the script. This will be the backbone of the video and the starting point for all other steps!

Since they are usually short videos (90 seconds or less), it is best to stick to the classic structure of the beginning, middle, and end. It is the kind of structure that brings you to many people in Hollywood. f

In this case, the structure of the script has to answer some basic questions. At the beginning of the story,

Finally, you have to answer “why?” – So why do they choose you? What is the key to optimizing your product or service?

Once your script is ready, we recommend that you always read it out so you can make sure it looks natural. – By reading the script, you can make sure that the words you selected are the most appropriate for your conversation. It is of course possible to highlight certain words with a message and also with solid inflation, speed, and strength.

  1. Storyboard

Once your script is done, it’s time for this storyboard! In this phase, you sort out all the visual actions (or at least the important ones) of the video and describe how the story develops during the video.

The storyboard is one of the most important steps in the video production process, as it refers to the work of illustrators and actors, voice actors, and everyone else involved.

Basically, the storyboard shows different scenes of the video with sketches or visual cues. Under each scene, you have to write a description of what will happen in the video. And the part of the script that applies to each scene. Here is an example!

In animated whiteboard videos, drawings are always attached so that there should be no cut-out or camera change between shots – and this must be explained in the storyboard.

  1. High-quality animation

The script is ready, the storyboard is ready and approved by the creative director. So the next step is to animate it!

There are many types of animated images, but for handcrafted videos, it is important to keep the drawing attached. If you’re not familiar with animator styling, this can be very difficult. So keep in mind that you should find a team that has experience with these types of videos. So make sure that everything goes smoothly. Running

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