How much can explainer descriptive video cost?

How much can explainer descriptive video cost?

How much can explainer descriptive video cost?

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When trying to estimate the cost of descriptive videos, Google won’t help much:

k 5k – k 35k per minute? How do you get budget approval for such an area?

The point is, Google’s reach isn’t entirely wrong. The cost of making a video varies widely as each video, product, and descriptive video company is unique. There is a big difference between throwing yourself a video in 15 seconds or earning a 5-minute masterpiece from a top video professional.

Here are a few things that can affect the value of a descriptive video.

  • The animation style and depth
  • Video length
  • Delivery time and when you need the end product
  • Custom graphics, characters, and scripts (versus template graphics)

This is why Google is struggling to compete with support prices. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a better idea. In fact, we believe the following statement holds true for the majority of businesses that need an explanatory video.

But today we’re going to explain where that baseline came from so you can budget for a high-quality descriptive video that will produce results. We’ll also talk to you about the 4 main options for making a descriptive video and the pros and cons of each.

What changes will happen when you invest more?

Just like with coffee, talking over-animated commentary videos will get you paid. So what changes when you invest more? You understand:

Extensive research and a real understanding of your brand and product

When you pay a higher premium price for a descriptive video, you get a lot more than just a video that looks good. You will find a descriptor that fits your brand. A video Monday through Monday showing who your brand is. This means that you cannot easily see such a video on your competitor’s website.

A descriptor is intended to serve a specific purpose and achieve a specific result

These days, the rigorous, aesthetic quality onboard is great, but the strategy behind the graphics will make your video a success. When you invest as much as possible in your descriptive video, you will be ready to get the end results according to the product you need.

Experts work on every aspect of your video

When you invest more in a commentary video company, you often end up working with experts in charge of everything, rather than one do-it-all. Their animation should be done by professional activists. Your script should be written by a professional screenwriter.

100% custom graphics, characters, and videos

Premium video companies annotate every project from the start. This means that your video is 100% yours – it is unique to you and you have full responsibility and control over how, where, and when you use your video.

Depth and attention to detail in the animation

Low prices usually include a simple 2D design with a plain background and a little bit of depth. With a big budget for your video, you can afford to spend more time creating animations in 3D, shadows, lights, and more.

All of these things add time and costs to the production process – but they also make the finished product more worthy of the brand it represents.

Your options for creating descriptive videos

If you want to create a descriptive video for your business or product, you have four main options:

  • Homemade tools
  • Gig-based video creation
  • Inexpensive video providers
  • Advanced and advanced video definition companies

As you go through the list, the value of the video, and the professionalism you end up with increases along with the price. Let’s talk about the pros and cons of these options – so that you can decide what makes the most sense for you.

1 : Create your own video

Self-dissolving means creating your own descriptive videos, often using templates provided by an AVA tool like Adobe Spark or Putin. Creating your own video can cost less than $ 500.

2 : Benefits of AVA videos

Inexpensive: AVA videos are usually the cheapest option for making descriptive videos.
Quick change: the timeline is entirely up to you. If you need them quickly, you can create them in a hurry.


Low Quality: You are not a video professional, so the overall quality of AVA videos will of course below.
Internal reputational risk: If you take it yourself, you are responsible for the overall quality.
Lack of Direction: Your video is lacking direction and you may be missing out on a strategy and purpose in order to succeed. This is because successful commentary videos are tailored to your specific goals and designed to communicate with your users.
Lost Time: Since you’re not a video pro, creating your own video can save you a lot of time (and frustration). It is difficult to use these tools early on and fully realize your vision.
Owner Ambiguity: If your video uses natural graphics and scripts, you cannot own the final product.

3 : Gig-based video creation

For gig-based video work, you are a freelancer or independent contractor (often looking for a jig job like Fiber or Upwork) who can create a descriptive video for you.

4 : The benefits of gig-based work

Inexpensive: Working with a freelancer or contractor usually means less cost.
(Possibly) Fast Timeline: Depending on the contractor, you can speed up the timeline or make additional payments in a short amount of time.

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