How do I create promotional Explainer videos for your company? The best promo Explainer video ever!

How do I create promotional Explainer videos for your company? The best promo Explainer video ever!

If you want to promote your business in this way, it will be useful and interesting for your audience. You have to use promo Explainer videos!

These Explainer videos are short, compelling pieces that easily describe a product or service. Because of their storytelling and high-quality uses, they are very engaging and powerful.

We have done a lot of animated promo Explainer videos so you might think we are a little biased in our love for them. However, the fact is that these Explainer videos are one of the most widely used marketing tools because they are really effective.

Marketers love them – and the stats rely on us!

Approximately 95% of internet users watched one of these Animated Explainer videos to learn more about an Animated video or service. Instead of reading complex information that is worth thousands of words, people prefer to watch a compelling and straightforward Animated video to learn more about a specific topic.

So are you thinking of adding these Animated videos to your marketing toolbelt? Read again! We’ll show you not only how to make promotional Explainer videos for your business, but also how to make the best promotional Explainer video ever!

  1. Why should you create promotional Explainer videos for your business?

● Explain sharp things

Online people’s attention spans decrease by a minute. Let’s be honest – people live busy lives! And what they need is some type of content that will give them the greatest amount of information in the shortest possible time.

That is exactly what an Animated video does. You get your audience’s attention, what you need and what to lose, relying solely on text or complex explanations.

Promo Explainer videos tell your audience exactly what they need to know about your product or service, and they will want to know more. After they watch your video, they’ll be amazed – and the purchase will continue.

You want to use it anywhere

Because of the nature of the content – a story that is simple and engaging, and information that is easy to understand. This is a type of Animated video that gives great results regardless of the platform used.

Marketers refer to this type of Animated video as “multi-platform” because you can use it on your social media accounts, YouTube platform, and website with the same positive results as your audience.

This is great because it means you will reach a different audience no matter where they are! In general, your social media followers are not the same people you might find by doing a search on YouTube, for example.

One tip! If you want to be cross-platform, don’t forget YouTube. In addition to specializing in Animated videos, it is also the second-largest online search engine. Never underestimate the ability to bring advanced videos to YouTube.

Your audience will take action

These Animated videos are specifically designed to engage your audience and watch them in every possible way – so they’ll respond positively to a strategy-related call. This allows you to get them to subscribe to your newsletter, fill out forms, download certain content and visit your online store.

● People prefer Animated video to text

On websites where both Animated video and text are available on the same page, 72% of people enjoy watching Animated videos to learn more about a product or service. In general, visitors read about 20% of text online, so they get the rest of their information from other sources – infographics, gifts, images, but especially videos.

People want information in the fastest possible way – if they can get so much information in an article, if they can only get 90 seconds of information, why spend fifteen minutes reading an article?

Animated Video content is the future of current and future marketing. Promotional Explainer videos are essential if you want to drive more conversions and sales.

Watch as this app promo video explains Trevo’s features in a dynamic and descriptive way.

● You create brand awareness

If your animated sales video is performed correctly, it will display your brand colors, custom roles, and such brand details. This way, your audience knows who is behind the video: it will be adjusted so that it fits perfectly with the rest of your brand’s communication.

In addition, promotional marketing Animated videos can be easily adapted to mobile logic and increase your online visibility and rank you in search engines.

  1. How to Make the Best Promotional Animated Video Ever!

Well, you’ve learned how to create promotional Animated videos for your business. But if you really want to take full advantage of a promotional Explainer video, you have to get it right. So, if you’ve made the decision to include any of these videos in your marketing strategy, you’ve come to the right place! Here are some tips to help you create the best promo video ever:

● Find out who your target audience is … and what they need

Before thinking about anything else, you need to define the most important thing: who is your target audience and what do they need? Knowing your audience’s concerns and issues can help you create content that meets all of your needs.

The best way to do this is to design the buyer personalities who are the ideal representation of your audience in the form of various characters.

The idea is to indicate the characteristics, names, and personalities of the buyers that relate to different categories of your audience. And direct your message to them. Your audience will feel like you’re speaking to them directly, so they’ll instantly engage with your content and your brand – and remember you.

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