Create a human perspective with your animated video

Create a human perspective with your animated video

Creating a human perspective with your animated explainer video and seo services

From Dumbo to Tie Story 3, The Simpsons, and South Park, the animated video has already proven how great they are at generating emotions in their audiences. How does it look on paper (what gets emotional with a group of drawings?) The focus is largely on history.



explainer animation videos and seo companies

From Dumbo to Tie Story 3, The Simpsons, and South Park, the animated video has already proven how great they are at generating emotions in their audiences. How does it look on paper (what gets emotional with a group of drawings?) The focus is largely on history.

This is why we are very surprised in Amazing Video Adz videos when the people we reach have doubts about the ability to create a human perspective on animation video. You may think that the story you tell in a movie or TV series is very different from an explainer video or video ad. Maybe they think that if you can create emotions video from previous cartoons, it’s almost impossible.

This seems to be a legitimate suspicion. That is why we are here today to solve once and for all. Because you see, the mechanisms behind the animated videos that you like very much and the cartoons that we use for marketing are the same.

Let’s get out of the marketing area for a moment, shall we? Now think about it: how is it possible that animated video provokes the harsh reactions they can provoke? Why does the beginning or end of Toy Story 3 feel like a slap in the face? How can we find a carefree person like Hudson?

The answer is very simple. We feel connected to the characters at one point or another. As with any story worth seeing, the characters are one of the key components. As long as we can see ourselves (or at least part of us) in them and in the difficulties they face, we can communicate. And if we can connect with these characters, we’ll invest in how their stories are shortened.

With this in mind, we are now focusing on marketing Animated videos. We talk about videos that present a brand or product, increase sales and get new leads. The main goal, however, is predominant. To take advantage of these benefits, you need to connect with your own audience.

In other words, we basically say that you need your target audience to invest in what you say when you deal with them. If you take a page out of the animated movie book, you can use animated videos – involve people in your message.

By creating characters that share the same basic characteristics as your audience and the challenges your potential customers face, you invite people to put you in the position of your characters.

We had one and created something that can help you. Watch this video here on how it can work for you.” ۔ “

If you make it clear that you understand the core issues of your target group, you will be able to communicate with them more easily. And if you prepare the letters in detail, you have already won half the battle.

Your flexibility is crucial for your message to work

Suppose you know who your audience is and what the main problems are. How easy do you think it would be: finding the perfect actors and locations to shoot your story or create in blue? Actors and locations already exist, but finding the perfect one can be a problem. Animated characters and scenes are waiting to be designed – but you can create them exactly as you need them.

This flexibility is the main advantage of animated cartoon videos directly on action videos. Because you are not bound by limits, you can create the qualities you need to meet your audience and create a fictional world that fits your story well.

You can use the colors of your brand for your awareness, exaggerate the character’s emotions in any way, and even use all sorts of elements (like diagrams, numbers, or crazy ones) to make your point of view clear. Comparison).

Since you’ve worked from the start, you can create a whole host of characters and a whole world so unique that the audience only cares about how fresh they are. And if you think you’re talking about a human point of view, worry about it.

Offering something unique shows that behind this video is a group of people who are concerned that everyone will do something different from what they do. This approach reflects the professionalism of a brand that really wants to offer its customers the best. Quality care takes care of the experience of the people on the reception side.

In addition, recognizable aesthetics on other levels can work in your favor. It can definitely set you apart from your area of expertise, arouse curiosity in your target audience, and make it easier to spread the word.

A styling for every communication tone

Another great advantage of working with animated videos is that they can be used for any type of company, no matter how “serious” they may be. One of the biggest criticisms we’ve seen when creating cartoon videos is that some companies think animation is better for children or better than a lighthearted company. It’s just not true.

We can understand why so many people would believe this given so many fun animated videos on the internet. However, there is also plenty of evidence that these videos are suitable for a more mature audience. Watch the video below to help WSP understand what we mean.

As you have definitely seen, the video is educational and its message is very clear, but it is not what cartoon animation is about. Nevertheless, it uses the full power of the medium to inform the public about the company and its advantages.

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