When we started explaining 5 years ago we were one of the few explanatory video companies out there. Since then, commentators have become increasingly popular.

And for a good reason! A descriptive video on your website will engage visitors, keep them on your page longer, and improve conversion rates.

But as explanatory videos have become more popular, so have the hundreds of thousands of production houses, many of which claim they can make videos for just a few hundred dollars.

That said, it will be the craziest time of the year too. And it’s dangerous. Because when you start thinking about quality, clarity, or effectiveness over cost, you think that video is more of a commodity than a powerful marketing tool.

When looking for a video partner, you don’t have to just think about the cost of explainer videos. However, a cheap video can do more harm than good to your company’s image.

If you don’t have to make a decision based on a descriptive video cost, what factors should you consider? We are happy that you asked! We have four.

An amazing script

A great script is by far the most important part of your video.

This is the basis on which your full explanatory video will be created. The whole point of the commentator is to get the crystal clear in an interesting video format around your unique worth. So if you have high-quality animation and production videos but you don’t have a script, there is no more efficient way of engaging your audience.

You might be tempted to script at someone’s home, or save money on your descriptive video bill and get freelance service. That would be a mistake. Every salt-producing video maker has a staff member specially trained to write a copy that will captivate the audience. Plus, they have a clear view of an outsider that allows them to see the big picture of what really makes your company special. When you’re in your business all day, it can be difficult not to get lost in grief.

You need a carefully crafted script that clearly defines your product, convinces customers they need it, and issues a compelling call to action. Low-cost companies just can’t afford it.

A great team

If you work with a low budget company, you may find an animator and a project manager on your account team. that’s it. Its only purpose is to make you a video. And without additional input in the backend, there is no guarantee that the video you create sends the right message in the right message.

However, when you really do choose a great video agency, you have plenty of other experts to contribute to the final product.

Sure, you’ll find it animated and top-notch, but you’ll also have access to a team of copywriters, art directors, and strategists who can control the messaging, location, and creative direction of your video. Take care of it together. Tackle.

And finally, you will find a video that is perfectly branded, perfectly positioned, and perfectly prepared.

This is what prevents the video from becoming a commodity and makes it part of your marketing arsenal.

Amazing style

You might look at a low-cost production company website and think, “I mean, mobility isn’t that bad.”

But all you have to do is watch a really good production agency’s videos – as you would find it in your job (would we say that?) To understand that there is a really big difference between a good one and one bad video there. Is.

There is nothing wrong with simple animations. There are many reasons why you shouldn’t overwhelm your audience with too many bells and whistles, and agency-level motion graphics may not really be right for your brand.

We don’t talk about it. We’re talking about a video that looks cheap. You know the stick figure characters, the priceless animation, the voice-over that looks like it was recorded in a closet;

Stay away from these videos! While video costs with little comment can hit the front line, skipping quality can do serious damage to your brand in the long run.

Amazing results

So you have a top-notch video production team that knows how to write a great script. And combine it nicely. What else can you ask for?

Look, video is definitely a work of art – but it’s also a marketing tool. And in order for you to invest, you need to know that your video content is paying off.

We’ve helped customers increase conversions, increase click-through rates, and reduce their sales. And many of our favorite video companies pride themselves on similar results.

But without thorough research, thoughtful strategy, and ongoing support, nothing can really make a great company.

If you are able to get serious results, a descriptive video cost doesn’t seem that important.