Choose the best Whiteboard Animation video for every stage of your buyer’s journey

Choose the best Whiteboard Animation video for every stage of your buyer’s journey

Choose the best Whiteboard Animation video for every stage of your buyer’s journey

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Do you know what it takes to use Animation video content intelligently?

It is easy. First, you need to know that having just one Animation video is not enough: you need to learn how to use different types of Animation videos at the right time.

But how do you recognize the “right moments”? Well, it all comes down to the buyer’s journey.

If you want your Whiteboard Animation video content to be really useful for your brand, you need to know when to use it: know every step like the back of your hand. This way, you can deliver the right type of video when your audience needs it most.

But first things first. Let’s talk about your buyer’s trip.

What is the buyer’s journey?

Do you know what a buyer’s trip is?

This is your active trip when you want to shop. It starts when you know that your potential customer has a problem, examines it and finds various solutions until he buys your product or service to solve it.

As you saw in the previous Animation video, there are different phases in a buyer’s journey, and each phase has different needs for your buyer. Your job as a marketer is to address each of these issues.

The best way to do this is to use the right type of Animation video.

Why should you use Explainer video?

Because Explainer video content is engaging, useful, and powerful. This is the future and present of online marketing: the statistics speak for themselves!

In addition, Explainer video content is great for your inbound marketing strategy.

When you know how to use the right type of Explainer video at the right time, taking into account the specific needs of your users, you are driving organic traffic to your brand (that’s what inbound marketing is all about). Is).

So let’s get to the basics. There are three main stages in a buyer’s journey (awareness, deliberation, and decision making), and some types of videos work better than others for each stage.

Let me show you

Animation Video types for every step


The awakening phase is the beginning of your buyer’s journey. It all starts here: Your potential customers now identify their challenges, concerns, or goals they want to pursue.

They come to you because they are looking for answers, and your job is to give them exactly that. You should also give them the best impression now!

Commercial advertising

With a commercial, you show your potential customers the true values of your brand using a great script and an interesting story.

(By the way, if you are interested in writing a successful script, we have a free e-book, check it out!)

Commercial advertising is good to get a good first impression. This is exactly what you should work on in this phase of awareness.

Let me show you an example:

Instructional Explainer videos

People like to learn new things, especially at this stage of the buyer’s journey because they are still looking for answers.

So your job is to meet this potential need and provide instructional Explainer videos.

Learning Whiteboard Animated videos can be very fun, interesting, and easy to share. You give your options real value. You can also get creative and set goals for animated cartoon educational videos or whiteboard videos!

(Because what could be more instructive than showing something on a whiteboard?)


During the consideration phase, your potential customers have already recognized their concerns and are now actively looking for solutions. Your potential customers are now determined to solve their problems by looking at different options.

Your job is now to explain to your potential customers why your product is the best solution for them and to teach them how to integrate your product into their lives to make it better.

Explain videos

Descriptive Explainer videos are great for the viewing phase because they make complex ideas entertaining and easy.

They are ideal for simplifying a complex concept. Descriptive Explainer videos introduce your potential customers to your brand and product and explain why they need you.

These Explainer videos, which are interested in watching, will draw attention to the importance.

There are different types of explanatory videos (e.g. whiteboard animation videos, motion graphics videos, cartoon marketing videos). will

Product videos

Product videos show your product in action and let your potential customers know how big your product is.

Live-action videos are an effective way, but not the only way.

You can get creative! For example, if your product or service is digital, you can use screencast video (a digital record of the screen paired with an audio narrative). Or you can really make it fun with animated product videos.

Videos like

Videos are a great way to keep your audience informed. However, for them to work, you need to present these videos in a fun and helpful way.

Basically, you will answer your probability questions (and if they have not yet reached the crucial stage, you will surely have many questions!). So come to work.


It is here! Decision step! This is the moment when your potential customers finally decide to buy.

You are now ready to buy, but will you buy from your brand? Because you know they considered other options during the consideration phase.

How can you give them the ultimate incentive to choose your product? Use the right type of Animated video to make the right choice.

About your brand

When you create an Animation video about your brand, the real people behind it are shown.

Why? Because before you make a purchase, your potential customers need to feel that they really know the brand they’re going to buy from.

“About us” videos offer you the best opportunity to build trust with your customers.

Choose the best Whiteboard Animation video for every stage of your buyer's journey
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Choose the best Whiteboard Animation video for every stage of your buyer's journey
Do you know what it takes to use Animation video content intelligently?
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