Better qualified leads with video and faster sales method (checklist included)

Better qualified leads with video and faster sales method (checklist included)

Better qualified leads with video and faster sales method (checklist included)

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We don’t like to mumble, but our stronghold is to bring qualified leads to our customers. In our last case study, we saw a 20% increase in conversions! The truth is, properly done commentary videos are assets. Assets that provide a lasting return on your investment.

Here are a few ways that explaining videos can aid and expand your marketing and sales.

More leads: Getting qualified leads is the dream of every sales and marketing team. A seasoned customer who understands your story and is ready to get involved with your product or service after watching your explanatory video is a dream customer.

Consistent Leads More qualified leads every day. No more days of redemption or zero qualified leads. A great explanatory video is an evergreen marketing campaign that will help you get new, informed leads. Permanent predictions that you can count on.

Inform prospects: Use the possibilities of explanatory videos to inform your website visitors and to support your marketing and sales process by converting them into qualified leads. Explaining videos isn’t just a video. The commentary video is a valuable marketing and sales tool with which you can inform your potential customers at the right time, accelerate the buying process, and generate qualified leads.

Create a “Buy Demand”: Generate interest without a strong sell. Forget about bad hype and exaggerated claims. A descriptive video creates excitement, hope, and the eagerness to shop in your newly trained leads.

However, B2B software and technology companies are not getting the most out of their videos.

Even as a B2B software and technology company, qualified leads have shifted dramatically in just two years.

Most businesses fall short of using video properly to take advantage of this change.

Video changes online marketing through net numbers:

Adding videos to marketing emails can increase your CTR by 200-300%.
Adding videos to landing pages can increase conversion rates by up to 80%.
After watching consumer videos, 64% of consumers are more likely to buy products online.
A third of the time people spend online is devoted to watching videos.
Of all online advertising costs, video ads now exceed 35.
59% of business decision-makers want to watch a video instead of reading an article or blog post.

A descriptive video can have more impact on your business than just attention and clicks.

Competing features are no longer good enough to stand out from the crowd and win sales.

It’s also unforgivable because today’s competitors can copy your product features virtually instantly. (Yes, we talk about Instagram stories about you.)

The only thing your competitors can’t imitate is the trust customers have for you, your team, and your product or service.

A descriptive video is one of the first touchpoints with this business prospect. When you can clearly state what your company does, suggest your pricing so that it shows your ability to qualify quickly and learn more about your product or service. Make informed decisions.

You can achieve your goals with custom videos (and more) that simplify your message and force viewers to act.

As you’ll see in a moment, most B2B enterprise software and technology companies make three big mistakes that keep them from getting the features they need for their videos.

Mistake to make it easier instead of turning your descriptive videos into commitments

Most enterprise software and technology companies make these assumptions or mistakes when it comes to their videos.

Mistake # 1: For Everything, Try To Use Video Everywhere.

You’re asking a video to do a lot: a video can’t do both marketing and sales in 90 seconds or less. However, if you give a video a special task, such as For example, if you want to get your target market’s attention or give a compelling reason to meet you on the phone, your video has a great chance to spin.

They’re going to remove or shut down your pipeline: not all lines are created equal. Lots of people will waste your time and effort. A video can get some attention, but if you don’t have videos to watch, chances are you are running out of tires and time wasters. If you bet everything on just one video, you might get nothing. Don’t have fun with a tire stove or an empty room. Only attract people who are perfectly fit and push everyone else back.

Mistake # 2: There are no plans to launch, advertise, or “cycle” your video

You’re missing out on an opportunity: your customers aren’t buying at the same time or in the same way for the same reasons. If you haven’t developed a video to promote or use for your marketing or sales process, you’re leaving qualified leads. With a simple plan and strategy, the number of leads in a single video can triple and potentially double the number of sales.

You don’t sell people the way you’d like them to buy: When it comes to enterprise software and technology, sales cycles are longer. If you’re not actively involved with your leads and prospects, they may forget you and leave with a competitor. Explaining videos is the best way to grab attention and move people down the pipeline with the right mix of emotionally and intellectually compelling news.

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