Do you really know how to make a descriptive Animated video?

Do you really know how to make a descriptive Animated video?

Do you really know how to make a descriptive Animated video? Top Digital Marketing and SEO Company will help you achieve just that

Well, your business looks healthy, you make a profit, and you have a great customer base, but that’s not enough, is it? Of course, you want your company to thrive and grow. Therefore, you need to watch an explainer video on alternative marketing methods.



explainer animation video services

This is a method of delivering a message to your audience while explaining how to solve their problems. In the broadest sense, it is relatively simple. You create company videos to show your audience how your products or services can provide solutions, but there is more.

This type of Animated video is aimed at your audience and is mainly used to attract attention and interest. Then they trust your brand and your promise to them. Have you ever thought about knowing how to make a descriptive Animation video? There is a possibility that you are not sure what is needed. So keep reading to know what to do and what you definitely shouldn’t!

The process behind creating a descriptive Animated video

You need a script

This is an Animated video that needs to be packaged into a cartoon so that your message can be shared with your audience quickly and efficiently. However, since this is a marketing video, you need to make sure it contains a message and a story to capture the audience.

Time to design a storyboard

The storyboard helps you get an idea of how the video works and gives you an idea of where the camera characters will be along with all other aspects of the video. This paves the way for example and animation.

You need a voice over

Since your video is delivering a message, it is important that the message is delivered effectively using a clear voice-over. Therefore, you need to use the services of a professional who is able to consider the right tone and the right emotions.

Time to explain

You have already created your own storyboard that contains all the visual elements of your video. Therefore, you need a professional writer to start reviving your video. Your audience should identify with your video and be able to be portrayed by your characters as it helps them get to know your brand.


This is the phase in which your video is put together as it brings together the storyboard and the illustrations and adds all the visual aspects to really identify your video. It is important to use professional animators at this stage as they give the characters a personality.

The sound of music

Background music or sound effects may be required for your Animated video. This allows you to choose the right music for your video mode while ensuring that voiceover is not overemphasized.

Properly tracking the process is key to a Whiteboard Animated video’s success. The above process ensures that the process runs smoothly and efficiently.

So now you understand how to do it right and how to make a commentary Explainer video, but you still can’t be clear because you make all the mistakes but avoid obvious mistakes. Gives you a better chance. Video is a success.

To avoid mistakes

The video is too long

If you don’t provide your audience with relevant information, interest will be lost. The most common mistake is longer Animated videos that cloud the news and make it almost impossible for viewers to use it.

Don’t underestimate the importance of your audience

Every marketing Animation video has a target audience and your descriptive Animation video is no different. If you don’t recognize your audience, you will feel disconnected from your brand and the message will be lost. You need to identify and target your users with your video.

Poor quality

Some people try to save money by creating Whiteboard Animated videos that are poor quality and poorly designed. This is a bad move because people want clear videos that look good because they want to enjoy them, and it will also damage your brand image. It is therefore important to use the services of a professional Animated video company. Make sure the video is of high quality regardless of budget.

It becomes like a lot of sales

When you’re in the business of making money, you need to make your audience feel like you’re trying to solve their problem. Many things focus on product features and the result feels like an Animated video, like a sales pitch.

There is no consistency in the design

A picture of your brand is displayed. It can be a logo or a combination of colors. However, if you don’t use them in your Animation video, your video will feel like someone else’s. Your video must reflect your business so that users can recognize the video and your brand and combine the two. This is how they feel when you are committed to your brand. This is a great video we made for Design and write down whom we are talking about.

Like the rest

Using pre-made templates to create your Whiteboard Animated video is a quick fix because characters and Animated videos look like a lot of people overall. This means that it has nothing to do with your audience on a personal level. The quality is degraded and there is no real personality that makes it difficult to get your message and brand.

Bad sound

Video is meaningless without the correct voice-over. So make sure you don’t play your break ground music too loudly at the wrong time. Although adding music is an effective tool, your video cannot convey its message unless your audience hears what you are saying.

Invalid speech

If you try to raise your voice or use a loud voice, the effects of the video will be significantly affected. Therefore, it is important that you hire a professional who has a local voice to create your voice. He will understand how you can improve the video with the flow of emotions and accents.

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