Best Companies to Create Animated Videos for Business Marketing

Best Companies to Create Animated Videos for Business Marketing

Best Companies to Create Animated Videos for Business Marketing

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Every day, more and more people jump on the bandwagon of business marketing. And we know for sure why: animated videos are fun, effective and efficient and have the power to communicate complex concepts in an easy way.

But even though all companies can start using any type of animated video in their marketing strategy (such as whiteboard videos, testimonials, or advertisements), not all video production companies can create the best-animated piece.

In fact, you will need a dedicated team of knowledge and skills to help you create an animated video that not only looks professionally designed, but will also help you achieve your business goals. Available.

Today, we will give you some examples of large companies that make animated videos for business marketing. But first, let’s talk a little animation. Why are you thinking of using dynamic content? When do you want to use animated videos? , And because?

Is it a good idea to use animated videos for companies?

Video content is the king of all content. You do not agree

We definitely do. All you need to do is look around you to see if all online communication is moving towards Animated Video Center strategies – social media is prioritizing Animated video content (and mobile video, above all!). It helps the website rank higher in search engines, and people prefer text over Animated video so much that YouTube is the second largest search engine right now. Second after King Google!

So to summarize: yes, it is a good idea to use Animated videos for business marketing purposes. But when should you use animation, and when is it better to pick a better ‘live-action video style’?

You should use the Animated video you shot to build trust in your audience by using real people – testimonials, videos, or videos showing images behind a company or featuring your team With. When you really need to show real people, it’s always better to film them.

Instead, when you need to explain difficult concepts or have a lot of information that you need to teach your audience quickly and easily, animation is your best option.

But it’s also great when you have a great idea and a low budget. For example, you want to show how your product will make your audience happy that they will go to the moon! And you really want to show the rocket flying on the moon! In that case, you should make an animated video, or, well, reincarnate into Elon Musk, whatever works for you!

Because with dynamic content, there are no borders. The only limit is your imagination.

Therefore, when using animated videos;

You need to define a complex concept.

You have a small budget and a lot of imagination.

You have a lot of information that will be better visualized.

And also if you want your brand to be remembered! Animated videos evoke emotions that resonate with viewers.

But do you know where to start? How can you find a team that can create the right animated video for your business?

Well, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite animation companies so you know where to start. These are video producers with highly specialized teams that have worked with many different clients, and a great way to start understanding them is to look at their departments. So here you have the best work with some examples of his work. Enjoy!

Our Favorite Companies for Animated Video Production
Amazing Video Adz videos.

We are not going to be moderate, we know that we are one of the best companies out there and we are very proud! Of course, you don’t have to trust us, trust our customers. 😉

But kidding aside, here at Amazing Video Adz videos we know that if it’s used correctly (it’s used in the right channels and always appears with the target audience) if only the Animated video piece is good. If so, it has potential. But we also know that animated videos promote each other. It is always best to use several and keep them in the correct phase of the sales funnel.

What sets us apart Well

We help our clients develop an integrated Animated video marketing strategy to grow their business and use video to help them achieve their goals.

We have a very systematic way of making Animated videos and we follow it for all of our projects, large and small.
Since we work with a very professional team of designers, animators, scriptwriters and producers, our work is of the highest quality.


Demonic is an Animation video production company with a strong focus on creativity. They have a great team of animators, producers and scriptwriters who come together to create a wide variety of videos with new, creative and fresh ideas.

He also had a heavy focus on video scripting and storyboarding, knowing that this was the backbone of an animated video. And this is the result!

Thank you

At Think Mojo, they call themselves “Video Experience Agency” because they create a complete audience experience for brands that like to shake things up a little!

The experiments they conduct are created primarily with video content, from instructional videos to editorials and commercials.

please explain

What explains the special? They only make descriptive Animated videos so they have a lot of experience with this type of video.

We all know that entertaining videos are one of the most effective and popular types of Animated video content for marketing purposes. Hence, it is understandable that they specialized in them.

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