Art of building brand trust: customer definition

Art of building brand trust: customer definition

Building Trust With Customers With Top Linkbuilding Company

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We want you! (Customers praise Animated videos to build brand trust), that is. That’s why we at Amazing Video Adz Videos often share new blog posts about how videos can help your brand stay believable and stay true to your target audience.

Compliments from customers are a great way to build trust in your brand. The reasons are simple! People trust other users’ opinions because:

They are not interested: they have no intention of selling because they have nothing to do with the brand.

They come from the point of view that is relevant to them: other customers usually go through the same buyer journey as you, so it is definitely helpful to hear what they have to say after the contract is signed!

Watch the Google Maps Business View appreciation Animated video and see what we mean:

Since they are aimed at potential customers who are already aware of their problem, are looking for solutions, and are aware of the various options, appreciation of the customers is the best help in making decisions along the way of the buyer. Do

Delicious reminder: at this point, people want to assure you that you are the best solution to your problem. Your efforts should therefore be directed towards this goal.

Therefore satisfied customers give a lot of trust! Watch Phillips’ trust in working with us in this testimonial Animated video.

How do I create a killer customer testimonial Animated video?

There are a few points to keep in mind to get the best possible results for every step of your recognition Animated video.


Get ready for the big moment! Before you record your video:

Write a question mark: Specify exactly what you want to know about your user experience with your brand. You can start by asking open questions and then leading your interviewer to more specific questions.

Send it to your customer: make sure they have it and have enough time to read it first. This will relieve their fear and make the day you record your Animated video easier.

Make sure you choose a quiet and beautiful place to record your video and plan your lighting accordingly.

Recording session

Hire a professional: Recording sessions can be stressful and may not give accurate results if someone who doesn’t know much about using a camera charges a fee. It is better to deal with the main equipment of the Pro-Pro camera!

Watch Noise: Make sure you don’t have too much ambient noise when recording your video. Your definition of professionalism should be clear and beautiful and easy to understand.

Edit your testimonial Animated video

Proper editing: Some Whiteboard Animated videos can benefit from hard editions, but not videos that users value. If you cut too much, it looks like it’s set up or you just want to remove a particular part. Stay comfortable!

Add some clutter: you can add questions as the title of the text or use the bottom third to name your customers. These details support your Explainer video and add variety to your graphics.

Keep the brand: Your brand can be present in the right way throughout the video, e.g. For example, by using the right type of text, applying colors to your brand palette, and finally adding your logo.

See when the User Pro testimonial looks like an Explainer video.

After you have your Animated video, you can incorporate it into your decision marketing to increase your sales. If you do, let us know what you think about your experience! At AVA Videos, we believe that a standard Animated video with customer references can make the difference between you and your customers who tie the knot or make them hesitate.

If you would like to know how we can help you take your marketing to the next level, give us a call. Just a friendly, tasty chat to see how Whiteboard Animated videos can help your business. ☺

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