9 Tips You Should Know Before Creating A Whiteboard Animation Video

9 Tips You Should Know Before Creating A Whiteboard Animation Video

9 Tips You Should Know Before Creating A Whiteboard Animation Video

whiteboard animation video production company.

Are you ready to create the best whiteboard animation video?

Okay, let’s see. Do you want an educational tool that can turn more leads into users and improve your SEO? Then you are ready!

A whiteboard animation video is a kind of explainer video that combines great storytelling (it creates a story in front of your audience), high-quality animation, and a mix of educational value and is very engaging.

In fact, it was created by an artist who drew on a real whiteboard animation company and was shot by a camera. At the moment, whiteboard videos are completely digital, but they still have the essence of the classic process. This development is great because now the output of the whiteboard animation is clear and you can add 2D drawing animations and special effects.

But there is a catch. Whiteboard Animation videos are a great tool, but do it right: a poorly performing whiteboard Animation video reacts to you and the viewer suffers. If your whiteboard Animation video is incorrect, you will not get the results you want and it will appear in your video metrics and marketing goals.

To avoid this, you need to know the rules of whiteboard Animation video production, or even better: find a quality whiteboard Animation video company.

If you want your video to be great and to avoid common mistakes in whiteboard Animation video production, I would like to give you some pointers!

1 basic elements: hands

First, there are three basic elements that make up a whiteboard Animation video. The first is a drawing hand.

You see, in the old days of whiteboard animation, everything was handmade! Well, maybe not prehistoric, but you understand me. The world is ready (thanks!) And now the animation is digitally created, but the whiteboard animation is not the same without the presence of the drawing hand.

Drawing hands is a must! It can even be an active part of your story, a character in itself.

Let me give you an example: Here you can see all the basic elements of a whiteboard video (and that’s it!)

2 basic elements: white background

Well, you probably expected that. A whiteboard Animation video is obviously not a whiteboard Animation video without a white background.

Of course change, you can be creative and change it if this change is related to your story, but be careful! By changing the whiteboard, the full meaning of the video style (intended) can be deleted.

3 basic element: interconnected drawings

The third classic element of the whiteboard animation video is the interconnected drawing that gives continuity to your story.

It also creates a sense of expectation and interest in your audience. How? Well, the story is created before your eyes! So you will always wonder what will happen next.

4. Keep it traditional

These three basic elements help your audience recognize the style of Whiteboard Animation videos. Traditional style!

Of course, you are allowed (and encouraged) to add certain elements so that the whiteboard style can be adapted to your brand style. But you should still keep it traditional to convince visitors and get high traffic 

5.… But it is not traditional!

Now that you know the rules, let’s break them!

You can deviate a little from this white background to the black marker drawings, now it’s time to add some color tips!

At least not too much. Think of the balance: it’s not about creating a full-color video (if you want full-color video, you can use another type of descriptive video like cartoon animation). It’s about using a few colors in some parts of your messages.

If you choose the color of your brand, you will of course receive bonus points! Add some important points to your brand during the video.

In this example, I will show you exactly what it does. This is a whiteboard Animation video, there is nothing wrong with this because you can see all the classic elements, but it uses the color of this brand to illuminate the message.

6. Use animated characters

Do you remember your buyers? They represent your ideal customers and play an important role in your whiteboard Animation video.

To represent your audience, introduce them to the animated characters in your video. They contribute to the continuity of your video as you build your story around them.

The animated characters advance your story and offer fun and entertainment to watch!

The most important thing about using letters is that they can give your audience a sense of empathy and identify with them. This will add a personal perspective that will help us;

7. Use the power of emotions

Video is a powerful tool! Through your video and your true story you can ignite, empathize with, empathize with your audience, make them happy or the power of nostalgia;

This is important because emotions appeal to your audience and attract their attention.

By addressing their feelings, you recognize them by your message. If you swipe right, they’ll remember your video and be interested in your brand.

8. Do it educational

Whiteboard Animation videos are great for capturing and keeping your audience’s attention. That’s why they make great instructional videos, because when people are interested and have fun, they learn things better!

This descriptive video style has great teaching potential. So use it to your advantage. After all, what could be more instructive than scrubbing on a whiteboard?

9. Make a great story

A great story comes with a great script. This is an integral part of any dynamic marketing video. Whiteboard animations have three classic visual functions (white background, black drawing, and hand), but they cannot create great videos themselves. This is where the power of storytelling comes from.

As people and viewers, we love stories. There is nothing better for your audience than the magic of your own story, and to do that you need to have a clear purpose in writing the script.

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