5 Tips for Writing an Effective Whiteboard Animation Video Marketing Script

5 Tips for Writing an Effective Whiteboard Animation Video Marketing Script

5 Tips for Writing an Effective Whiteboard Animation Video Marketing Script

No matter what company or industry you are in, Whiteboard Animation video marketing can improve your reputation significantly. According to data released by Hubspot, 81% of businesses rely on Animated video marketing to attract new clients and customers.

Google released a report that said 50 active internet users search for Animated video content when discussing whether or not to buy a product. This means that Animated videos have become mandatory in terms of content creation rather than consideration.

But how do you come up with an effective, attractive, and actionable Animated video ad that can be converted into sales and earnings? Let’s take a look at some tips and pointers to make scripting your Animated videos easier and more solid.

Create a customer profile

Everyone responds differently to different types of Whiteboard Animation video ads. For example, children and students may find animated videos effective, while adults prefer praise and review more than anything. The customer profile you follow will determine the type of script that you will write into your video.

A great example of free Whiteboard Animation video marketing is the pursuit of trust and credibility with McCain and its customer base. The type of Animated video your studio (or your outsourced agency) produces depends a lot on who they want to sell your product or service to. Indicate that your client should avoid unnecessary backpacking or misrepresentation of the message before writing the script.

Open with a hook

The difficult fact is that Animated video marketing content needs to be precise and accessible. Otherwise, people won’t bother looking at it. Advertising is a good example of this, and you can learn a lot from its overall flow and structure by writing the script yourself. The secret to great Animated video marketing is that it opens your sales pitch.

This is different from the written content or social media posts that you can find on the internet. A commercial that opens with a hook (discount, special offer, a new product on the market, etc.) will keep people interested throughout the video. Animated Video marketing scripts that follow this rule inevitably have better conversion rates regardless of product strength. Therefore, make sure that you structure your texts correctly.

Trust the short form

When it comes to short forms in Animated video marketing, we mean really short to short – 30-60 seconds is short. Although it doesn’t seem like a lot of miles, it is enough to bring your vision home.

Ethan Dunwill, Content Manager at HotEssayService, recently commented on the topic, “Selling our own Whiteboard Animation video content service depends on pitch and editorial presence. We found that when the Animated videos are long, people are rare they pack slowly or show no point in just 30 seconds.

This is both a blessing and a curse for Animated video marketing screenwriters. Although you may have very little space to work, you can send very effective messages and words. You can then add links, email addresses, or phone numbers of people to refer to for future reference.

Use the right head

The soundtrack you set determines the general attractiveness of your Animated video. Professional words, phrases, and jargon should only be kept for B2B Animated video marketing scripts as the general audience cannot live with them. Similarly, occasional sounding general words can be used to appeal to a wide range of B2C audiences, as seen in Coach Art’s Animated video ad.

For a great example of animated video content, check out Walmart’s online store ad. It speaks to a much wider audience when you think about the nature of the content. You’ll also find that both motion graphics and sound complement the welcoming, family-friendly nature of Walmart’s business model. Apply the same logic to your brand and make sure you are reaching the right audience with the words and jargon used in your Animated video marketing scripts.

Choose an effective writing platform

Writing an effective script for your Animated video content takes some finesse and care. With that in mind, there are a number of writing platforms you can implement to better streamline your grammar, punctuation, and the general flow of scripts.

Supreme Articles – Copywriting content for Animated video ads can be a daunting task. On this platform, you can work with professional copywriters to get your message across to your target audience.

Grammar – Grammar plays a huge role in an Animated video marketing script, especially if you are including subtitles in your Animated videos. Grammar is a very popular proofreading platform with a wide variety of manual editing options.

Award-Winning Articles – Once your scripts are written, the first few drafts usually just reflect what you tried. You can rely on the winning article for further formatting and editing of your script flow and code.

Hemingway – Speaking of flow, the age and language skills of your audience will play a huge role, whether or not they get your messages right or not. Hemingway can help you determine if your script is understandable to different audiences by class.

Get my article – Finally, you should consider offering copies of your video content to people with poor internet connections or health issues. This platform can help you turn your scripts into copyable scripts that can be used for further marketing purposes.

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