5 channels for the killer video distribution strategy

5 channels for the killer video distribution strategy

Top SEO Company with 5 channels for the killer video distribution strategy

Are you developing a marketing Animation video or do you value your Animation video marketing strategy? In the short term, you’ll need to work on a consistent Explainer video distribution strategy that will get your Whiteboard Animation video in the eyes of the right people. In today’s blog post, we are going to introduce you to 5 effective channels through which you can advertise him and give you additional information to improve your video marketing campaign. Continue reading

4 types of videos that are easy to promote

So far, you’ve heard from many other people about the benefits Explainer video content can have for your business. B. Brand awareness, better online visibility, and higher conversions and sales. The fact is that Explainer video marketing will account for 80% of all Internet traffic by 2019. Amazing, right?

Given that you are well acquainted with the content of the key character’s Animated video, I want to tell you something: you can use a variety of marketing Animation videos to improve your strategy. However, the fact is that some of them are easy to share. Let’s take a quick look at them compared to others:

Instructional videos

Educational videos are a great way to inform your audience about a specific topic: you have a problem, you know how to help them, and you present the solution with a tutorial video۔ If they find your content valuable, they will definitely share it with others. And guess what? This is a free promotion! Remember that in today’s world, people are looking for answers to their questions on the Internet. آپ You get points when you are there to help them!

Videos with humor

The video has great appeal, but if you make it fun and entertaining, even better! People love to consume and share fun and entertaining things and if they enjoy watching your video they will spread the word about it. A portion of fun can make your video even more compelling and memorable.

Videos like

As with educational programs, you can use videos to offer a specific solution to a problem: you can explain a process or train your target audience about something that you know. However, you will have a special place. Your thoughts would be tempted to share this material with peers if it helped them.

Explain videos

Dynamic marketing Explainer videos are a great tool for informing and informing at the same time. They have a strong appeal due to the combination of different resources such as amazing animation, great night vision, catchy music, a convincing soundtrack, and much more. It is a very interchangeable format and very easy to distribute!

What if your marketing Explainer video doesn’t fit into one of these categories? It’s okay! You have to know that every type of Explainer video is advertising. We would be happy to help you read this useful checklist for the most efficient sales channels.

6 channels for a great video distribution strategy

There are as many channels as you can use to maximize your reach. However, keep in mind the following: the goals of these marketers, the types of products/services you offer, and the type of buyer you are targeting. Choose what you do.

You can find them on organic channels, compensation channels, and you can mix both.

Bio channels

First, you need to save your video in your primary contacts. Sending emails to users in your database can be a first step. Don’t underestimate it!

Social media platform

Networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Periscope, and many more can make a great contribution to advertising your marketing video. By creating compelling and engaging videos, you can get likes, comments, and approvals and increase your reach. Remember that you need to choose the ones that fit your business.

If you’re talking about promoting the video on social media, YouTube can’t get out of your mix! It is the second largest search engine and the third-largest social network in the world. You have to be there too! Just make sure you have a video SEO sales strategy to stand out from the competition and take first place. This free e-book, ranked number 1 on YouTube, contains some interesting points on this topic. Don’t miss it!

Tip: Take a few minutes to read these recommendations for choosing the right social network for your marketing video.

Social groups and forums

It is also a good idea to divide your video into different groups and forums. Make sure that they reach the desired audience, that they are dynamic, up-to-date, and highly relevant. These are very useful advertising channels because these platforms bring together potential customers who are really interested in what you say. You have her!

PR strategy

PR techniques can also be a good addition. If you work overtime to build solid relationships, you can get great results.


Start promoting your videos on your blog to promote your SEO. Also, distribute it to other people’s blogs for more access using SEO tools like LinkedIn. With this in mind, choose people who are relevant to your niche, have a high rank, and only appeal to users like you, and so on. Another great alternative to third-party blogs is guest writing guest posts (don’t forget to include your own video!). This way you get more visits to your website while providing useful content to the audience. Both parties win! 🙂

Paid channels

Paid ads

With platforms like AdWords and AdSense, you can get better results in less time (at least faster than physically driving traffic). There is no magic behind it, but the great thing is that you can focus on a specific audience, measure the results of your campaign, and make adjustments that can be improved.

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