4 ways to increase your lead generation with Animated video

4 ways to increase your lead generation with Animated video

Increase Your Lead Generation With Animated video. Lead Generation Services from Top Digital Marketing

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Branding. Engage with confidence-building people. Get a website posting on social media. These are just a few things that all marketers do for a unique purpose – lead generation. These are very basic things: companies have to sell to stay in business, right?

For this reason, a quick Google search will show you how many, many people are looking for the way you are hacked. In a highly competitive market, it is important to know how this works effectively. So you should use all methods and strategies to find the methods you need.

And that’s why we will tell you that it is so important. Because in many companies the golden chance of generating leads through video is missing. It is possible that some people will completely ignore the video marketing thing, but there are people who make videos but do not use them properly to attract potential users.

If you suspect you belong to one of these groups, you can definitely benefit from the experience with Yum Yum videos. Continue reading!

1. Get good call performance for promotions

From blog articles to photos of you on Instagram, all of your marketing efforts are aimed at achieving a specific goal, and you (ideally) expect people to follow suit. This is reflected in Call to Action (CTA), a great way to name phrases, links, or buttons that let you tell people what to do next.

Things like “download now”, “click here”, or “share with a friend” are common examples of CTAs that you can use in many marketing materials. Some people just upload their Animated videos to YouTube and think that’s all they can do. Don’t make the same mistake. Make sure that everyone who watches your Animated video has an idea of where to go next if they want to interact with your brand.

You want to make work easier for people who want more information about your company. For this reason, Animated video platforms such as YouTube offer descriptions and maps to create highly specific CTAs throughout the video. Description links work just as well. Keep in mind that to be highly effective, CTAs must route traffic through a simple and straightforward channel where people never get lost. See this example:

For example, if your Animated video talks about how much your product can change the life of your target audience compared to your competitors, make sure you have a link with a link there. This leads to a landing page that details the competition becomes. People who follow the interpretation are expected to find these details. So don’t take them anywhere else. This should work in any other case where you use CTA.

2 Pay attention to all the details when creating your whiteboard explainer video

Lead generation begins in the first moments when you formulate your entire marketing strategy. If you do not understand the basic mechanism of this process, you will fail. On the contrary, whiteboard explainer video marketing is no exception. If you really want videos that can grab attention and generate leads, you need to think about it while sitting at the drawing board.

What should you focus on here? Tons of goods. Video quality (from film/sound to sound) is very important to shake people up and show that you take your business absolutely seriously. Character creation is also key for viewers to identify what’s happening on the screen (so make sure the characters look, speak, and behave like your target audience).

Things like video duration can also determine success. Most of us don’t pay as much attention as we used to, so you’ll need to keep your videos below the 2-minute mark if you don’t want your audience to go out. Even the thumbnail you choose can determine whether your video will play at all. See what we have to say with this video:

After all, the effect of using your brand colors is greater than that of an explainer video. Using your palette in thumbnail view with the web player and its controls can increase your play rate by 53%. Now say that colors are just “details”!

3. Create a landing page around an Explainer video

Landing pages have been one of the main pillars of lead generation since the early morning and are likely to continue to be one of them. Why? Because they work, that’s why! That’s why creating an explainer video landing page is such a brainstorming tool: it combines the two largest marketing tools known to create leads and keep them in one place.

Strictly designed to replace landing pages. In contrast to normal websites, the landing page is based on a certain process (subscribe, test, download). The structure is smoothed and simplified compared to other sites. There are very few distractions and all of the content is well designed to get people to work.

Now when you insert a video, you can edit all of the content around you to support this suggested process. Put the video online, make it a sexy headline, use a short description that spans the video and embeds your CTA in its heart, and you get a winning role.

The video will draw people’s attention and make them see longer. The landing page makes it easier for them to expand the information they just saw. If the CTA is well-rated, you will see how much of a difference this approach can make.

4. Get your Animated videos

The concept of a “gate” is as simple as it sounds. They put a gate in front of it so people can ring before they come in. In Animation video marketing, these doors are called “turnstiles”. The shapes that are placed somewhere require information about the video viewer. The video will not be played until this data has been provided.

This is probably the easiest way to ask, and some people argue that it’s too stupid to even consider it. However, there is a legitimate way to take this into account, especially since many companies swear by it. Of course, there are many ways that this can be used with varying degrees of success.

Some companies want to use their style at the very beginning of their Animation video. The message they send is, This approach can lead to some results, but it all depends on how perfect the Animation video work is. If you don’t arouse enough curiosity, people will refuse to share your data and leave.

That is why in the end so many people choose their own style, with the promise of unlocking other valuables. As logical as it may seem, this is where the turnstiles perform the worst (only 3% of people skip their data).

Where can you get the best results from your doors? If you put it in the middle of an Explainer video. This way your target audience can take a look at your presentation and then decide whether the rest of the video is worth the time. This is a great approach because people can watch part of the video so you can create expectations that will be met after you provide data to the audience.

This direct method has been tried many times and the results are particularly impressed with the third approach. Because people who want to give up their data in exchange for access to videos are already interested in your offer, which undoubtedly feels like valuable leads.

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