4 myths about working with an explainer video company abroad

4 myths about working with an explainer video company abroad

4 Myths about working with an explainer video company abroad from top internet marketing agency

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Your online search for an Explainer video company with a perfect explanation seemed promising. You got to know the advantages of working for a company abroad. You read about the workings of modern agencies that serve brands around the world. You were already curious to see how your company’s video (and cost) would look. However, you will receive some warnings that turn off your alarm.

It had to happen. Pick up negative experiences, lack of knowledge of working methods or simple hostility towards non-US companies, and warn them to stay away from this path. How many superstitions arise when working with foreign companies? The point is: if you take the time to look deeper, you will find that there are many things that have nothing to do with reality.

We have worked with remote customers in Amazing Video Adz videos for a long time and heard everything. That’s why we want to save you from confusion. There is a list of traditional officers among people when it comes to overseas video development companies.

1 It is impossible to have good communication with someone who works abroad

When we meet customers for the first time, communication is the biggest problem. You already know that a successful project depends on a strong communication strategy between all the members involved. Animated videos are no exception. So how can you expect to work well with someone who lives in another country?

I can see that this fear was justified a decade ago when the internet was not as developed as it is today. However, today there are many tools that can be used to stream communication easily. Collaboration platforms, Animated video calling software, and broadband connections all work together to create a new way of working remotely which makes it easy for people around the world to think of something fantastic. Got it

The gap has been closed so efficiently that you can end the meeting via Skype or FaceTime even if you hire a company from your home town to discuss the details. How the world works now! With this in mind, it doesn’t matter whether you work with a team in Los Angeles, Berlin or Buenos Aires. However, there is one thing you should note that leads us to the following superstition.

2 Different time zones will definitely lead to planning problems

If the Whiteboard Animation video company lives in a different time zone, how do you make appointments at appropriate times for yourself and your employees? You can imagine that when you get back to work, some of the Animated video professionals are already going, or worse, sleeping! Radically different time zones can lead to delays in important messages or cancellations or to postponed appointments. You can’t stand it!

This may apply to some time zones (e.g. New York and Sydney), but does not apply to working with companies from slightly different countries. Europe may not be for you, but there are many companies south of the border in countries like Argentina (which is a time zone with those in the US, by the way).

Therefore, this myth cannot be applied to all Animated video companies that come from abroad. This is a slow way to fire some serious candidates to help you create memorable whiteboard videos, commercials, testimonials, and animated videos. Time zones should definitely be taken into account. However, if you choose your alternatives carefully, this is just a small and simple solution.

3. Foreign Animated video companies cannot compete with US agency standards

Some people like to think that no one can beat the U.S. professionals when it comes to making high-quality Animated videos. A combination of a developed industry, highly qualified professionals, and many years of experience undoubtedly gives the American industry a special advantage and an undeniable standard. But Animated video companies from abroad have grown so fast that they are now bending over to their American colleagues.

This is especially true for the descriptive Animated video industry. Many companies are leaders in offering exceptional services at extremely affordable prices. In this way, they made a name for themselves and could compete with any state. You don’t have to believe me if you don’t want to. HubSpot chose the best comment videos and selected one of AVA videos to top the list.

4. Language barriers cause problems in one place or another

As mentioned above, given the time zone differences, you want to do your best to find companies that are in the same companies as you. But if this is the only country that qualifies, what happens to a language that is not English as an official language? Some people may be tempted to say that no matter how well they speak English, they will have problems at some point in their development.

You can say that there are inaccurate collisions, video-audio-overs don’t sound natural, or that the script doesn’t appeal to your audience simply because it was thought and developed in a different language. However, working with a professional Whiteboard Animated video company saves you all these worries.

When working with a team of video experts like Amazing Video adz Video, you are working with professionals who have a high level of English so communication is not a problem. This is because overseas companies target a global audience when marketing their services. And since everyone speaks English on the web, corporate members should speak it too (and I can add that fluently).

Not only that. To avoid the unnatural feel of English in the last few videos, Animated video companies themselves work with talent from the United States. Therefore, the phases in which English needs to be perfected are developed by the local voice with the skills that make it the best sound for your target audience. Only the most technical aspects (such as animating characters or editing videos) are carried out by foreign assistants.

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