Therefore, the Animated video you are describing is not working as expected and you are beginning to believe that such an Animated video is not working at all. Well, not that quickly. Descriptive Animated videos are a great marketing tool for any business and should increase your sales and conversions.

And if not, something bad has probably happened to them.

It’s easy to point out a non-professional descriptive Animated video, but it takes a trained eye to figure out what’s wrong with it.

After many years of great commentary Animated videos, we all know Inks and Out – and we’re here to help you. Here are some common mistakes that can cause your descriptive Animated video to perform poorly. Read on to learn how to fix them!

  1. You have a bad script … or no script at all

The script is the basis for all types of Animated videos. From a film masterpiece to a great lesson, a proper script is the foundation on which it is built. Explanatory videos are no exception!

It usually starts with an idea that is discussed with the authors and the production team, and then becomes the original script that is used in all of the following steps. The script is important so that everyone can do their job effectively: painter, animator, sound actor and sound technician;

Many people don’t know how important this first step is, and they can even skip it! And just like a house with no foundation, your video will be completely isolated if you don’t have the right script.

It is always the best choice to trust at least one professional screenwriter. However, if you have already developed your script and want to know if something is wrong, check whether one of the following elements is present:

Too much self-involvement: is your script just “I, I, I”? You can’t just talk about how big your business is, because then the video explaining you will fail. Descriptive Animated videos need to focus on the audience, their needs, and how your business can meet them.

Completely indifferent and boring: if your video doesn’t catch your audience’s attention right from the start, it’s not a good thing. Your script must be absolutely impressive from the start. It should be well built and effective.

Weak structure: a story, a middle, and an end form the logical structure of each narrative. It just makes sense – your audience has a problem, a solution, and your company can deliver it. If your video doesn’t follow this simple structure, there is something wrong with your script.

So don’t worry if you have a weak script! It’s not difficult to create a great one. You can learn all about it in this free e-book: How to write a script for your entertaining video.

  1. You give too much information and your Animated video becomes too long

Did you know that the perfect length for descriptive Animated videos is two minutes? Everything takes more than two minutes. And it contains backup data.

The attention span of people is shorter and they get shorter with each generation. In fact, older generations are sometimes more patient, but like millennial short videos. It is important to consider who we are meeting!

In any case, the rule of thumb is that each explanatory video is longer than two minutes. If your current video is longer, it’s time to cut it.

Sometimes you will find that it takes longer because you have so much information to share! Well, there’s a big red flag.

  1. An Animated video that is too full of information will confuse your audience.

As our attention span gets shorter and shorter, any Animated video that’s too long, boring, or annoying will distract your audience and completely nullify the purpose of the explanatory video!

So health is important. Send a direct message and leave out anything you don’t need. Keep your Animated videos short and sweet.

  1. You have a normal Animated video

Oh, normal content! Still, everyone should know better and avoid common materials like the plague.

But sometimes generic videos can be tempting to rely on: still, they’re cheap and may still work; OK?

If you’re looking for an Animated video that looks just like any other video out there, go ahead. However, a descriptive Animated video that can easily be replaced by a video from your competition does not communicate what makes your brand unique.

And it is the uniqueness that distinguishes your brand. If you want an explanatory video that is really effective, it must breathe every second and keep your brand alive. It is a must for every partner to advertise every program.

Making a video out of pre-filtered parts or imitating a viral video won’t get you anywhere. People will be bored and will not remember you. On average, this is a shortcut, similar to many that use the same formula.

So customization is key. Identify what makes your brand unique and then put it into words and images.

Also, keep in mind that there are many types of commentary videos and you should choose a brand that best fits your branding spirit.